Update, October 2012

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Re: Update, October 2012

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tatu wrote: ...
However, I do have an almost working version of the town level which I could release if I spend some time on it. I could always release the latest one I have, however it contains some crashes. We'll see.
Would that version of the town be along the lines of those discoveries you guys did, with the 'lost' roads and vegitation. And if my memory doesn't fail me where there supposed to be other buildings or an other layout alltogether. Oh and lest i forget, the south gate (to the monorail terminus of PH).

Another question, does the CE patch and or the recently new found 'beta' builds have a significant impact on the development.
Both in process and in creative aspecs?
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Re: Update, October 2012

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Oh, such an old topic :P

The version of the town level I worked for was a combination of all 4 versions of the town level we have, Retail, Build 96 and the two studio Max files. It contains the bigger part of the town, where the terrain was raised in build 96 and retail. There wasn't any new building in the early versions other than some more bungalows.

For some reason, the town level was created in the wrong angle. The south gate known from the retail (that goes towards PH), is actually the west gate, but the town is build in the wrong angle.

As for the CE Patch: It increase the stability of the game and you don't have to worry to much of a FPS impact when adding some more details like objects.
And the early alpha builds: Nothing there for the Town really. The only interesting thing for the town would be the location where the monorail ends in PH, and you could modify the terrain to build the end of the monorail in the town level.

As for the development of this Town level, the old one have not been worked on for years. I do however, work on a new version. I'm building it almost from scratch, making my own mesh for the buildings for example. They will still look the same (or most anyway), but I will fix some stuff with the old ones like stretched textures and some other issues they had. I have no ETA on this but I will make a post about it in the future :)
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