ResetFire trigger value

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ResetFire trigger value

Post by Andres »

Not sure if this is any use, but I'm wondering if the (unused) value ResetFire resets the trigger fire count to zero. Example of use: If I set FireCount = 1 in my superjump trigger (that fixes Anne's health) so she survives the landing but can die after that. But then she would die next time she jumped also. So, if in the 'jump' trigger I set "bool ResetFire = true", it might allow the trigger to fire once after that (ie. when she lands).
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Post by Rebel »

That's probably how it works, too. I've messed with a few others (unused values) you mentioned in your t-script reference as well. CreatureSleep, CreatureWake behave just as you'd expect them to. Can be used as expressions, thus setting a trigger off.

group TrigRaptorisAsleep = {
int ext_GeometryType = 1
string Class = "CCreatureTrigger"
bool CreatureSleep = true
int FireCount = 1
int ActionType = 0
string A00 = "RaptorB300-00"
string Sample = "VA32"

*Rather funny, if you bring Anne back to life, she crawls around on the ground! lol (teleporting straightens her up though)