Getting Better Performance Out of the ATX Executable

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Getting Better Performance Out of the ATX Executable

Post by glitchhunter09 »

While playing Trespasser with the ATX on my laptop as well as the regular EXE, I was always frustrated by the choppiness in Primary Display mode that happened. Especially when recording videos with FRAPS. Well, I decided to try something to get better performance.

Note: This only works with the ATX EXE. The retail and Beta EXEs have some kind of security encryption or something to keep you from changing their priority in Task Manager. ATX doesn't have this problem.

-First, I closed all other programs
-Next I booted up the ATX EXE
-After this I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete. This brought up the menu and I chose Task manager. Trespasser Minimized and I went to processes in Task manager and looked for "TrespassATX.EXE" After finding the process, I right clicked on it and went to priority and changed it to High.
-This allowed me to record FRAPS videos without choppiness and Trespasser ran at an almost completely stable framerate and wasn't very choppy unless FRAPS screwed up somehow while recording. Before I did this, Trespasser's Framerate tended to bounce around a lot on Normal Priority.

A couple of issues arise though with this method so be aware:
- Don't open Task Manager on the John Hammond Intro. Go to the title screen instead and do it. When the game minimizes on the John Hammond intro, typically, the EXE gets stuck minimized and you'll have to close it via Task Manager.

-Sometimes doing this will result in the graphics getting screwed up ingame. To Fix this, Exit the level and on the Main Menu and change the resolution. (this is to prevent the level from going unstable btw as changing resolution in game sometimes causes instability as well as Changing the Quality.) if you want change it back after changing it the first time. Load the level you were on and you should go right back to where you were before you went back to the main menu rather than completely restarting the level. This will fix the graphical errors.

-Although the game won't be choppy as much, occasionallly you may encounter a random framerate drop here and there. With the full version of FRAPS recording, this usually happens when it switches to a new file to pick up where it left off automatically. However, occasinally, it will screw up the framerate causing it to bounce around. To fix this and keep recording, simply use the hotkey for FRAPS to stop recording, then press the hotkey again to pick up recording again.

Note: The method above should work with some other games you are having trouble getting a stable framerate with. I've tested it on JPOG and it helps a lot here.
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Re: Getting Better Performance Out of the ATX Executable

Post by 3insanity »

Thank you so much for this info! I too suffer from choppiness!
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