Mystery Production Music

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Mystery Production Music

Post by SamFisher64 »

I've been trying to find any info on this mysterious production music for quite a long time. The Spiderman 2 PSX game has lots of this mystery music that has been used in many TV, Cartoon, Movie, Anime, and Videogame scores., I've gotta know where this music is from, I'm studying to be a music composer

Here are samples of it: "SP2 Cutscenes: Opening Theift, The Coop, The Lizard, Electro's Plan, Checkmate!"

South Park (Animated Series)
Jackie Chan Adventures (Animated Series)
The X-Files (TV Show)
Jackie Chan's First Strike (Film)
Jurasic Park: Trespasser (PC VG) "of course"
Spot Goes to Hollywood (PSX Cutscenes)
Time Crisis (PSX Version)
Spiderman: Enter Electro (PSX Cutscenes)
Scare Tactics
Fear Factor
Cyber-Chase (Animated Series)
Spider-Man: The Movie (VG)
and more

I manage to find a sample of this mysterious production music

PS: Surprisingly, I found some of them on Apple Garageband under the name "suspense cue", anyone know where I can find more?
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Re: Mystery Production Music

Post by tatu »

I think you should check this site for the Trespasser soundtrack:
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