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Tatu, this is a back up of your to-do list! Don't lose it ;)

  • Play through mines, cave, summit.
  • Figure out how to get through mines and how each area is moved through, before opening in TresEd. Ask Draco if needed.
  • Report bugs/comments/suggestions
  • Clone and place mining tools (a reasonable amount) inside the mine.
  • Place pre-cloned amber in mine. They should be like little treats scattered around to make the player stop and pick it up to see what's in it.
  • (Un)oraganize "junk" in area outside entrance to look abandoned.
  • Place some metal walkways in LOWER parts of the mine. You can find the walkway base objs off to the North of the mine. These are just for show so they don't need to "work". Don't put too many either, of course. The mine is supposed to look like it goes on forever downwards.
  • Place other random objects in specific places around in the mine, such as boards, crates, metal pieces, lanterns.
  • Place dinosaur bones around (leftovers of Suchomimus meals).
  • Place a limited number of hunter bones.
  • Place a limited number of other hunter items.
  • Place some small mossy PV rocks?
    (keep an eye in Terrain Edit mode - the ground spikes do not show up in normal TresEd)
  • Check and fix the heights of all Plains wall segments. Some will be too deep - they should generally be as high as they can be without a corner sticking up on any side. Do not change any wall heighs by the gates or arch, I've done those already.
  • Fix all grass, tree, rock, and bone heights to your desire. Perfection is not needed and many of them are at a good height now. Do as much or as little as you want as long as it doesn't take too long. Some hunter items may also be height-fixed but most of them are fine as-is.
  • Place additional grass where/if desired.
  • Place additional hunter items/bones and dino bones if you feel there should be any more.
  • Work with the AI of the dinosaurs already in the Plains until they are working nicely. Basic things to remember:
    ~~Parasaurs are mostly docile, focused on eating, sometimes fearful
    ~~Male Para will be aggressive and attack Tasha if she comes too close
    ~~There are presently two Albertos within the level - you should make only two more within the Plains walls, and possibly one or two more outside of them. They should be very aggressive, like hungry lions. Their AI may not require any tweaking - the one by the plane especially is already working fine. Scripting changes between versions might be for anchors etc.
    ~~Stegos are content to keep to themselves and just eat and watch over their young, but are more grumpy than Paras and should attack the player when damaged (rather than flee) or if their babies are hurt. See TC Final for scripting example of how to make the mother angry when baby is hurt. Don't forget to make herbivores eat and drink via Act values and the AI-type boxes.
    ~~Raptors! D: Feel free to move the three which are there to someplace else. There should eventually be some variation in how angry the various raptors are. Some should flee when hurt, some not, some in between. You may want to make some raptor versions (see below) now, for reference. Could even name them like that: "RaptorPissed00-00", "RaptorSkiddish01-00", or even one like "RaptorDrinking00-00" for raptors which are scripted to drink - and we DO want some of those. Perhaps inform me when you are doing this and we can discuss the raptor AI groups.
  • Place AI-type boxes - "FDrinkSpots" along ponds and "OmNomNom" in trees where herbivores will be placed. Can be adjusted later.
  • You should now have a nice feel for dino AI. Start making new versions of dinosaurs to put in areas with no dinos. You may want to draw a little map on some paper and plan where the dinos will be hanging out, with major landmarks marked. Remember how to create new versions:
    ~~Open the TPM file in notepad
    ~~Do a Find-And-Replace for the dinosaur's name to change a number or add a description like "Drinking". (Don't do a replacement only using numbers-to-numbers or you might affect some of the mesh data)
    ~~Save the file. Keep the window open and do the same find-and-replace for the .values file it goes to by dragging it in.
  • If you haven't already, fix all grass/tree object heights that you want to.
  • Don't worry about the metal fence height errors lol I will fix it later.
  • Place hunter vehicles/items/bones and dinosaur bones where you want.
  • Place AI-type objs.
  • Place new dinosaurs here. Keep an eye on the JPDS1 dino placement map for general guidelines.
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