Switching boards...

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Switching boards...

Post by madppiper »

Rebel and I have been discussing this and we agreed that it would be best to switch board. Now this section will our official place for discussing TC-Team stuff... so:


I think that this is a good idea to show a lil activity to the community...

afterall, it might help others to stay as active as we are + we might get back to posting more often here ourselves...

Don't worry, access is still restricted to us TC Ops team members... so now one will be capable of reading stuff in here...


well so much for the official part, I of course hope that we'll all keep up the great work. Let's flood this section with ideas like we have before...
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Post by MikeTheRaptor »

Sounds good to me, Mp. Helps make checking new developments easier as theres only one board. Its actually quite relieving to see the TresCom Ops private board on here and since members can see how often we post, it will definatly show that this level is being actively worked on.
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Post by Rebel »

One of the major reasons for the switch, Mike. Also I like clean slates, and the other board is nearing complete disarray. I can't find anything!

Maybe we can keep the topics separated this time and that'll stop Andres from yelling at us. lol
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Post by Andres »

lol :) Good idea to switch boards, it will be easier having just this one board to look for new posts in.
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Post by Remdul »

Sure does.