Interview: Jungle Road with Kyle McKisc

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Interview: Jungle Road with Kyle McKisc

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Please see ... vs_006.htm for images and videos

Jungle Road with Kyle McKisc

We understand that BE and JR were meant to not have dinosaurs and simply be proving grounds for the player to get familiar with the physics engine. Just a small passage between the beach and the next level. It sounds like it might have had a large construction facility.

We believe these voiceovers went to JR:
VA13: Maybe, maybe if there's a phone line or a radio...
VA14: "No trespassing." Thanks.
VA15: Oh God, someone's gotta come get me!
VA16: "Welcome to the City of Tomorrow."
VA17: This was the place, this used to be just an urban myth.
VA18: Who do they think they're keeping out?
VA19: I wonder what they left here...
VA20: Try weird psycho old guy.
VA21: I was a freshman when they had the first rumors. We watched it on the TV news in the common room. Drinking cocoa from the kitchen. I said it would be nothing... just another cold fusion.
VA22: This has to go somewhere...
VA23: Yeah, yeah, bill me.
VA24: No dinosaurs in here... I guess this was just construction. The real facility could be MILES away.
VA25: DAMNIT! Okay, oh god. Calm down.
VA26: A phone, oh thank God.

1. It sounds like there was a prominent construction facility here, with a No Trespassing sign, a phone (which survived into release), something that Anne accidentally breaks, and possibly some buildings. Do you remember anything like this?

[km] - Nope - I don’t remember much from this level.

2. When spilling over the contents of the texture file for Jungle Road in build 96, TresComer “Draco” discovered textures for a face-like rock that had been seen before in an extremely early promotional image. Sadly, the model for this rock does not appear to be in the level. ? Do you remember anything about it?

[km] That face was just an early object we made ... some ancient carving... nothing significant in its meaning, other than some peoples likely inhabited the island before Hammond started growing dinos there.
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