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Post tutorials for 3D modeling in 3D Studio Max, GMax, Blender, and other 3D apps.

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Re: 3ds max

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Welcome, to Jurassic Park, Barnaly... I'm afraid you took a left turn at Albuquerque when arriving at this forum with that question :P Of the few decent Max-users at this forum, I'm not sure any of them are familiar with how to animate cloth. There could be someone who has looked into a tutorial at some point (not me) but Max proficiency here is somewhat low. Add to that, the occupations of this community with Max involve mostly static models, or else static models that move around and don't change shape, with the occasional exception of something like an animated creature rig. I am sure there are tutorials out there for what you're looking for, quite possibly on YouTube too. May your search fare well.
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Re: 3ds max

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