JR Beta - Extended Yatch Beach & Hidden Valley (From TG)

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JR Beta - Extended Yatch Beach & Hidden Valley (From TG)

Post by tatu »

tatu wrote:Image

As you see, you where suppose to be able to walk here. The area even got voiceovers! Tres might have been more of and "open-ending" adveture game, were you could make alot of different choices and go different path to get to the end.
Could also be a part of the PH level, even the beach could been, since the beach is alot bigger in the movie.
DracoAlphaX wrote:Didn't get around to replying to this before - but yes, it's quite clear from the ambient triggers that the beach, here, was meant to be a lot more explorable, at an earlier stage. I've also noted elsewhere that I don't think this beach was necessarily intended to be for the yacht stuff.

Now I have some other analysis about this and the Hidden Valley. If you look here, the ambient triggers for the valley are actually ontop of the ridge!

If you move the ridge over so that the ridge is beyond the triggers, those billboards also then end up ONTOP of the ridge instead of on the side you can never see ingame. :lol:
Also! If you look at the stream bed going through the hidden valley terrain...

...You'll see that not only is it a very sharp cut-off, but the terrain of the stream is actually stretched up onto the hill, there, which would not work for a real stream at ALL :lol: So! I believe this means the stream was ALSO moved to the side... Which would be damn hard to fix :? In fact the only way would be to sculpt it again using an imported terrain TPM as reference. I'd rather just sculpt it fresh, using the terrain object as reference, as sad as it would be to loose that wonderfully detailed terrain. The devs apparently had some better tools for making terrain than we do.. Oh and if you go and look at the terrain all around here, you'll see some other sharp cut-offs, indicating where terrain has been chopped up and put back together to make a smaller level.

So in conclusion, I believe the far ridge of the hidden valley was actually meant to be the far side of the island, with ocean on the other side, which you'd be able to see from this extended beach. And I do believe this was all in the original plan, as nice as it might be to make "IJ" smaller and more concentrated on construction..
tatu wrote:Draco, I just realised. You know that the path beside the beach got an Anne VO that says "This is like hiking in the woods behind my house. We used to pretend we were on a spy mission" This is VA29. And some of the other voiceover in the voiceover file are VO that you think might been in PH remeber? It does fit
DracoAlphaX wrote:Yesh yesh. :3 VA29 is right smack in the middle of VOs that I'm not sure if they go in PH or the previous level. VA29 does sound like PH rather than monorail construction.. I must wonder what kind of beauty PH was intended to have. I should note that it doesn't make sense that at the point in production when our PH base texture was rendered, they would have had any trees we have not seen before, looking at all the old images we have. This means we should actually be capable of forming it using Tres assets that we have. Hmmmm...... You know those swamp trees in JR which are NEVER used in either build? The two tall ones and the grey one with a stick... Maybe PH was supposed to have a lot of that swampy terrain. :| Big question then, for me, is how do you make it so the player would be FORCED to go through a swamp (who would do so if there were another easy option? XD)
tatu wrote:Hm.. yeah. We should look witch objects not used in either builds and try too see if they fit in PH. Remember those logs in AS?
DracoAlphaX wrote:Hm. Dunno, I think PH remnants will not be found beyond things like the PH house itself or other major scenery.
glitchhunter09 wrote:You know, after I heard about the Hidden Valley in JR, it instantly became my favorite level due to the idea of its many paths it had going in beta versions. The other reason why I like the level was the many opportunities to drop things on Raptors and kill them. One time I even crushed a Raptor to death with my own body and died in the Process. Worst of all I had the invul cheat on and I still died XD. Those last few things are irrelevant though.

When this beta came out, I realized how the Hidden Valley was most likely not a place for a Triceratops Stampede. Even if it was planned to do so, the Tres Engine was very nit picky about things when it came to controlling more than three Dinosaur AIs at a time, so it would have been quickly scrapped because of this. It may not have even been planned at all judging from the absence of the Trike at the Valley's entrance in the beta iirc.

The complete absence of Dinosaurs suggests one of three things:
1)They were in the process of removing the Valley at this point (most likely not.)
2) Dinosaurs were never planned to appear in the Valley as it was meant to be a long cut that while slower, allowed you to avoid dinosaur attacks until you got to the monorail.
3)Dinosaurs were simply not added to the Valley yet.

I'd imagine that if there were dinosaurs, then they'd be Raptors. The trees and foliage are so thick that they are perfect camouflage for Raptors. Of course the utter absence of weapons suggests otherwise though. Most likely number 2 is correct as it makes the most sense.

Now, what do you think is the correct one? Discuss.
DracoAlphaX wrote:I'm going to agree with #3, there. I have also already analyzed the Hidden Valley in build 96 a bit, which I'll now merge with this discussion. Please read above - you'll see that the Valley seems to have once been much bigger. I can only guess that they just couldn't figure out what to put in there.
tatu wrote:lol, the folige in the extended beach looks like an arrow x)

DracoAlphaX wrote:Lmao, it totally does! I was wondering why there was a straight line of rocks.. Didn't see the arrow heads, nice find.
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