Where to begin?

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Where to begin?

Post by Draconisaurus »

Trespasser CE

The first thing I recommend you get in order to begin playing Trespasser mods (and eventually modding yourself) is Trespasser Custom Edition, created by Matt "TheGuy", found here. 8-) It has a stand-alone engine for playing mods, all the most useful hacking tools, script resources like voiceover listings, help files, and other stuff. It does not, however, include the latest version of ATX, nor of a few other tidbits. Matt and I plan to re-engineer the package a bit and then rerelease it very soon - but we still don't know when that will happen, so until it does, I think this is still your best bet, since the latest ATX improvements are not vital (mainly if you have the retail version of this game).

What's missing from Tres CE that I might want?

To get the latest version of ATX, you can always go to http://atx.trescom.org/ and read what it's all about. Big Red has done some amazing things to improve the game experience. Tresgame does not yet have its own site - until it does, you'll need to go to the TresCom downloads page, which has many other potentially useful things. I still recommend Tres CE for all beginners.

What fan-made content is out there for me to see?

Many fan-made levels (and other assets) have been made over the years. A lot of them can also be found in the downloads section of TresCom. The must-play levels would include TC Isle, The Lagoon, The Four Towers Extended, and East Dock; but really, there are a lot of great ones out there, play as many as you can! There are also things like custom menus and modding assets like new dinosaurs, including ones from JPOG.

That's all I have to say for now! I'll continue to update this post with the best suggestions for where to begin with the Trespasser playing/modding experience. Please put any questions or suggestions about this below.
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