tc_rescue's quick walkthru (*spoiler alert!)

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tc_rescue's quick walkthru (*spoiler alert!)

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The quick n' dirty walkthru. Don't read if you don't want to know. ;)

Getting to dry land after your swim: Upon surfacing, you'll notice three rocks in front of you embedded into the bank. Use these as stepping stones to hop up and out of the water and onto land.

Loading weapons: Weapons should be in stow position on player. Retrieve ammo by reaching for ammo pack(s).

Boarding the Icabod: You can do this by grabbing the one loose crate nearby the rocks, or by using the plank near the docks. Once aboard, operate crane, (push in circuit breaker, pull down circuit handle, hit button, pull down lever, hop onto crane, contact hand onto crane's control shift). Crates moved, interior of barge now accessible.

Oil Can is in ship's store. Before leaving with it, you can use either the oil spray or a gun to open up the skipper's locker. This is important, as that's where the flaregun's shell is.

Go to transmission tower, using oil can spray the bottom of the generator shifter. Open generator compartment, spray the area that looks like clamp bars with teeth (holds the main gear locked). Might take a couple of sprays for one to get the correct sports. Once done and if done right, pull down shifter (it'll lock, gears turn and generator comes to life).

Go to transmitter box, hit the button to send sos.

Make your way back to the Icabod (walk here), go to the room beneath the wheelhouse and grab the flaregun. Go back to skipper's quarters and load the gun (gun needs to be stored on Anne for the reload). Of course, you could load up the flare gun before you send for help, the order isn't important

Back topside, make your way up the stairs to the pilot house, go to the starboard side (larger area where crane dock mechanism will be), raise flaregun up and fire. If you're in right location, smk will play, level will end. There is a atx (f1) hint here to help steer someone to the right spot. Otherwise, it'll be found through trial and error or simply a good guess that one should be up high and on the barge.

One shot, one chance. ..

The helicopter loop plays for about 7 minutes, you have that long to fire off the flare. After that, the transmitter would have caught fire and the sos signal will stop - hence, copter leaves the area, no rescue. (You can go back to the tower and notice the transmitter has burned up. Voice over will tell you your opportunity has passed)

Easter Eggs:

Totem pole's fallen head is actually Gilligan (when headhunters visited the island)
There's a conehead/indiana jones style skull in the cave
Trespasser for Dummies book inside the store (atop the rear shelf)
Dr. Nick's (Simpsons) how to guide for surgery inside drawer of doctor's office
Pictures in crew quarters are of my parents and one of my favorite all-time women (Veronica Lake)
Bikini Island (SpongeBob)
PilotHouse Step has our community name 'trescom' stamped onto it
Skipper's name is Ronstrom (I think it's spelled right), captain's name of the Carpatheia (sp?)
CrewMan's trunk is labeled 'Spielberg S.'
Ships Doctor is named, McCoy (StarTrek)
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Re: tc_rescue's quick walkthru (*spoiler aleuch thanks to th

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Look at what I found on the ship... a Dummies book on Trespasser! I love these little touches.

Much thanks to the designers.
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