Trespasser: New Beginnings - Chapter 18

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Trespasser: New Beginnings - Chapter 18

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Please feel free to read the Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, and Chapter 17 before reading the following chapter. :) Anyway, here's Chapter 18:

Chapter 18: Marquez

They followed the trail on, but Anne kept behind Marquez. She constantly glanced out over the forest, thinking what Marquez had meant by what he had said.

As they leveled out, Anne filled with a better hope. To the left, in a small alcove only a few yards away, against the side of the mountain was a large, steel structure, attached to the cliff face. At the top, she could see a platform. At the base, she saw a small terminal with two buttons.

Scattered amongst the area were several small boulders, but they were on the far side of the landing. The ledge now seemed even more threatening than it had been before. She could now see the ocean to the east.

Anne walked toward the elevator, passing Marquez, who had stopped, now seemingly interested in the elevator platform above. She walked to the small terminal box, which was sticking on a long metal pole a few feet high.

Labeled on the top of the rusted box she saw the words: To Summit.

Underneath that were two buttons: one marked with an arrow facing down, the other with an arrow facing up.

She pushed the down button, and there was a five second delay before the platform above rumbled. The metal structure seemed to buzz, and the lowering platform reverberated down through it, moving slowly.

It had another thirty feet to go, and it was still moving slowly.

“Good job Anne.”

Anne turned around, ready to say “Thanks.”

But the word was swallowed down her throat, as her heart dropped.


Marquez was pointing a gun at her, only a few feet away. He was now moving like there was no ache at all.

“But… Marquez… What are you doing? Where’d you get that?”

But it had flashed to Anne already. All those times he was fumbling with his pants… It was the gun… He must of found it back at the building he found me…

“Well, isn’t it obvious Anne?”


“I’m going to shoot you. Maybe or maybe not to kill… Either way, I’m leaving you here.”

Anne was speechless. Marquez continued, “As you probably have guessed by now, I got this back at that office building I found you in.”

The platform was now only twenty-five feet down.

He jerked the gun, motioning for her to move away from it. “Go on, move.”

Anne started to shuffle, keeping an eye on Marquez. She was hot with anger and confusion. She stopped in front of a boulder. Marquez said, “What’s your problem?”

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

“I can’t let you just go to safety. You’ll be forced to tell what happened.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll tell them I was the pilot. They’ll learn I took everyone too close to the island, and in the end got them all killed. I’ll be blamed. All those deaths on my tab. If you go on, I’ll meet that end.”

“I… I still don’t…”

“Shut up Anne… It’s your fault. Your fault they all got killed. I welcomed you to Costa Rica, I offered you a flight… You were new, beautiful. But you, you foolish little tourist…”

Anne felt anger rush through her, draining away the confusion.

Marquez continued. “You wanted to get close to Isla Sorna. Site B. Just like everyone else. I allowed it, expecting everything to be fine, but no… We flew into the early storm clouds, and it totally wrecked my plane. Everyone died, but you… Ironic, isn’t it? The one person who wanted to see the island survives, when everyone else who actually paid for the trip died.”

“No… It wasn’t my fault…” Anne was shaking her head, looking at the ground, trying to ignore him.

“Yes it was! And now, thanks to you, I’ll be charged for every single death. Unless, that is, you don’t keep going. I kill you, I can go on and tell them I was a survivor. I’ll give them a false identity, and by the time they try to dig in to it, I can be gone… That is, if they don’t believe me.”

“But what about me? They know it was a female who called on the radio…”

“Ah, yes. That helps the story actually. I’ll tell them you were another survivor. Unfortunatly, you fell off the mountain. A rock slide or something… Or, maybe you lost your mind…” Marquez gave a faint smile. “I’ll have all the time to think about how to tell them how you died on the way to the summit.”

“Why do you have to do this?”

“Because it’s the only thing I can do,” Marquez shouted.

“But I won’t tell them it was you… I’ll tell them it was my ignorant curiosity or something…”

“No,” Marquez spat. “That won’t do… I will still be blamed.”


“Even though this is your fault.”

“No it isn’t…”

“Think about it Anne…”


“Well, if you survive, you’ll have all the time to think about it, won’t you? You’ll have all the time to think about how your curiosity made this all happen…”

“No… No…”

Marquez laughed. “You’re a fool… I felt for you and welcome you to dinner and a free plane trip, but you wanted to go all the way… See what the legend was about. Instead you brought about what could’ve caused me to be locked away forever: the deaths of all those people. You did this all to the first person who welcomed you to Jaco…”

“Shut up…”

Marquez snorted, taking a step toward her. “Well, I won’t have anything to worry about now… As long as you are out of the way.”

He nodded to the ledge. “Move. Now!”

Anne shuffled sideways, moving around Marquez, making her way to the ledge. She stopped, looking down at the forest and the sloped mountainside.

Marquez was moving closer, and finally he was only a foot away. He had the gun to her temple, and he moved his face in close. “You’ve definitely got me far enough to make it along without getting in trouble, even though you started this in the first place. Finally, one thing I can thank you for.”

He smiled, starting to move the gun to her forehead, but Anne moved quickly. Her arm shot up, flinging his arm away. He shouted, starting to re-aim the gun, but she dropped low, kicking out one leg. She nailed him in the calves, looking away to see that the elevator was now down.

He fell to the ground, grunting. The gun slipped beneath him, and she started to run for the elevator. He reached out, wrapping a dirty hand around her leg. She tripped, landing on her chest.

He started to pull on her, fumbling for the gun beneath him. He looked up, and she kicked him in the face. He grunted, releasing, putting his hands to his face.

He was cursing at her, screaming as he stood up warily. Anne started for the elevator, but he raised the gun. He fired at her, and she ran right as the bullet passed within inches of her. He was wobbling.

His mouth was trickling blood, and one eye was scrunched closed. Anne darted behind the boulders to the right, pushing her way behind them.

She heard the shuffle of Marquez’s feet drawing close. He shouted, “I have the gun Anne. One way or another, I have five shots left. I can take you out. You’re caught in those boulders now. Can’t go on past them, or come out, since I’m here. If you try and go down the hill, you’ll just drop to the end, and you’ll waste more hours for the both of us. I’ll wait here as long as I need to. What about you Anne? You’ll have to come out some time…”

“Show’s what you know…”

Marquez laughed. “Come on Anne… Make it easier for the both of us. I can just push you over the cliff if you want, or just make it quick and easy and shoot you once to kill. There’s no way in hell I’m letting you live, so just choose your death. I’m making it easy for you Anne… I don’t want to have to kill you the worst way I can…”

Anne climbed up onto a rock, only a few feet high. She could see the top of Marquez’s head; he was standing at the gap she had entered through. She looked right, toward the elevator.

It goes too slow… I’ll never make it… He’s got the gun…

She looked around. I can go back… Lure him down by the radio station and make my way back up here before he knows what happened…

The rocks around her were close enough for her to climb from one to the next. She could make her way over to the front and drop down and start running. But to spare some time she’d need to get Marquez into the cluster…

Anne slid down the rock, picking up several small rocks into her arms. She flung them against the a boulder and as they rattled down, clacking together, she shouted. “Aah!”

She began to speak loudly. “Oh God… Oh God…”

She climbed back up the rock, scanning to find Marquez. He had entered and was passing behind a boulder right in front of her. She leaped across to it, landing softly. She crouched down and jumped to the next as Marquez began to where she had just been.

She jumped off the final rock, dropping onto the clearing, and started to run down the mountain trail. When she was starting down the slop to the bridge, she shouted, “Hey Marquez!”

She heard him shout, “What the hell?” and began running.

She reached the bridge, and ran onto it. It shook more violently, rocking from side to side, but she made it across and kept going.

She looked back to see Marquez coming down the slope. She veered around the corner of the radio clearing, and started toward the two, white buildings with the L shaped connecting rooftop.

Anne ran around the back of the Radio building, looking for some way onto the rooftop.


She saw a dumpster pushed against the back of the Rest building, and ran, shooting a glance left to the trail. Marquez wasn’t there yet.

She climbed up onto the dumpster and hoisted herself up onto the roof. It was gray cement, and pushed down several inches.

She looked over the edge of the building, and saw Marquez moving slowly toward the Radio building.

Anne laid flat against the ground, and could hear Marquez open the door to the Radio building. She looked up again, and saw him step inside.

It was a minute or so before he came back out. She laid flat again, and clearly heard Marquez’ voice. “Well Anne… You’ve gone so far to piss me off that I wrecked the communicator to that lovely radio inside. Since you’ll be staying here, you’ll have no way off now…”

There was a pause. She heard him moving over the dirt. “But… If you come out right now, wherever you are… I’ll make it quick and easy. This is your last chance Anne… Just give it up. You can’t run forever…”

Anne kept tight. Marquez was silent for a few moments, before he said, “Fine Anne… Have it your way.”

She heard the shuffle of his feet moving by the building.

He was passing under the connection rooftop.

He’s going to climb up the dumpster!

Anne stood up, crouching, and slowly moved off the Rest building roof to the L-shaped connector. She ran across it, looking back to see Marquez disappear around the corner.

She jumped off, dropping down onto the Radio room roof. She rolled onto her back and pushed herself against the rise, trying to stay hidden low enough. There was an AC unit on the rooftop, but she remained pushed down against the raise, underneath the end of the connector.

She heard the clunk of the dumpster as Marquez got on top of it, and within moments she heard him say, “Anne…”

She was hot with fury. She was angry he had blamed this all on her. She was angry he wanted to kill her.

She heard his shoes step out onto the cement connector, and heard the click of the gun being set.

He was moving across it, getting closer. It would only be a few moments before he could see her lying here…

It’s not my fault!

Anne threw herself up, catching Marquez by surprise. He was aiming the gun at the AC unit, probably thinking she was hiding behind it.

She kicked, landing her foot on his stomach. He threw his arms up, falling back. His little, white handgun spiraled into the air, falling over the connector to the ground below. Anne guessed they were probably a little more than twelve feet up.

Marquez righted himself, moving toward Anne. She balled her fists, swinging around at him. She hit him in the cheek, and he shook his head.

The blood that had been coming out of his mouth earlier was now trickling a bit more. Something was probably broken.

She swung again, but he blocked it off, pushing her arm away. He swung at her, hitting her in the side. It was hard, and she felt it.

But the pain had subsided. She was angry.

She kicked, hitting him in the knee. He shouted, making a grab for his knee, but instead rose up at her. He tackled her, pushing her back off the connector. He kept pushing, until she felt her back slam into the AC unit.

Anne kneed him in the stomach, and he released. She kicked again, and he fell forward, swinging a fist. It hit her in the stomach, and she kicked up, kneeing him in the chin. His head flew up, and he shouted wildly.

His entire jaw seemed to be bruising deeply, as blood continued to trickle out.

He moved left, and Anne swung out, but he quickly slid right, moving in. He grabbed her hair, yanking her head back, and pushed her back against the AC unit. She looked up at the sky, and felt him punch her in the stomach.

She swung out a leg, sliding it around one of his and tugged. He let go of her hair, and she looked down to see what had happened. He had slipped to the side, and had wrapped an arm around her leg.

He yanked, and she barely missed her head on the AC unit as she fell. She rolled away, looking back to se him staggering up. She did the same, as he kicked out at her.

She caught his foot, twisting it. He shouted, but moved forward, releasing a spring-like kick. It hit her mildly in the chest, and she let go.

She ran left, nearly falling over the edge of the building as she righted herself, and moved inward, around the AC unit. Marquez lunged, reaching his arms over it at her.

She backed away, as Marquez started to move around it toward her. She jumped onto the AC, and he looked up, surprised. She kicked his shoulder from her new vantage point, and he shouted, clutching his shoulder, turning away.

She kicked the back of his other shoulder as he turned, and he fell forward. She jumped off the AC, landing on the rooftop and started running toward the connector.

Marquez followed, and he grabbed her shoulder as she stepped onto it. He attempted to pull her back, but she turned, grabbing his wrist and twisting it. He shouted, letting go, and she started back down the connector.

She felt something heavy hit her back, and she fell forward. She hit the concrete, catching herself early enough to break the danger of the fall.

Marquez’s foot dug into her back, pushing her back against the cement. He laughed. “You put up a good fight Anne… But this is where it ends. I’m sorry… But you know my reasons why…”

Anne reached back with her hands, gripping his leg. Her fingers dug into his calve, and he loosened up. She let go, rolling over, and then pushed up. His leg bent up, and he was knocked back. He tripped, landing on his back.

Anne stood up, but he slid out his foot, tripping her. She stumbled, steering clear of both sides of the narrow connector.

She turned around, staring at Marquez, who was now standing up. They stood within feet of each other, silhouetted against the fading sunlight.

They both darted at each other, and Marquez had his fists raised. He made to punch out, but Anne was quick. She swung down into his stomach. He jumped, and she hit again. He lowered his hands, as she hit a third time.

Expecting a fourth hit to his stomach, Marquez began to reach to block it, but Anne swung up into his lowered face. He screamed, and Anne wiped away the blood from his mouth—now on her knuckles—onto his shirt, before she swung out with her foot, sweeping across the ground.

She hit him in the side of his legs, sweeping underneath them quickly. He turned, his back to the edge of the connector, and stumbled back, his hands to his face.

Anne was going to trip him, but it happened before her eyes. Marquez took away his hands from his face, searching wildly around, but his left leg caught the edge of the connector.

He swung his arms, trying to balance, but his right leg had hooked onto his left, and he stumbled.

He fell over the edge of the connector, his limbs swinging out wildly, and he was shouting as he fell. It had only taken a second or two before there was a muffled thud, and Anne looked over the connector. Twelve feet down, Marquez was lying sprawled on his back in the dirt; his arms and legs thrown out in different directions, and his eyes closed.


Anne walked down the connector, stepping onto the roof of the rest building. She slowly lowered herself down onto the dumpster, and then jumped off. Her body was aching from the fight, but it was getting better.

I dealt more damage than I received…

She turned the corner of the building. Marquez was lying a few feet away, and his gun was a few feet from his legs.

Anne started toward the gun, passing around Marquez. She started to reach down for the gun when Marquez groaned. She pulled back, stepping away.

Anne simply ran, ignoring the gun. If Marquez was still alive, she didn’t care. She now had her chance to get ahead of him and get to the chopper.

As she ran onto the trail, before leaving it all behind, a bullet bit the ground by her feet. She jumped, but didn’t look back.

She ran up the slope, passing the sign. She stepped out onto the bridge, which now shook ever more violently. Several of the hinges had broken.

She had an idea.

She started to jump on the bridge, shaking it as best she could. The bridge rocked dangerously now, threatening to break and take her with it down the mountainside.

She jumped off, as a hinge popped free, clanging against the slide underneath it. Anne kept going on the slope, hiding behind one of the boulders, out of curiosity.

Within several moments, Marquez was coming up the slope on the opposite side. He ran onto the bridge, and shouted. The bridge had jolted, turning at an angle toward its fall.

Marquez fell, slamming against the wood. His gun fell free, disappearing over the mountainside.

He tried to stand, but the bridge completely unhinged. Anne stepped out from behind the rock and Marquez looked up at her. His expression was mixed with anger… and fear.

He was quiet, and their eyes burned into each other for several long moments, before the bridge cracked, and started over the side. Marquez screamed, as the bridge rolled over the side. She saw his mouth wide open, his eyes terrified.

The bridge disappeared over the edge, taking Marquez with it. His screams stopped, and Anne turned around, her head bowed.

She started running up the slope to the elevator.
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