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Tres: Reloaded - EB

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This thread is for discussion and progress reports on East Basin, part of the expanded level set.
After Anne awakes on the beach, she may take either the east or the west path, each having two possible branches afterwards. One of these leads into the Jungle Road - the other three meet at the summit of a small mountain, where they then descend north along the mountainside into the East Basin. The valley here collects much water runoff from the surrounding mountains, and vegetation by the rivers is quite thick, attracting many hungry herbivores. A small portion of the level is at sea-side, most likely a tropical beach setting. Mountain ridges surround this level on all other sides, though a migration path up the northern mountainside allows Anne to leave the basin and come upon the Train Station. The rest is up to the project leader of this level; not all details here are set in stone.
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