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Tres: Reloaded - LL

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This thread is for discussion and progress reports on Lowlands, part of the expanded level set.
The West Basin follows a pair of rivers inland which eventually end up here in the lowland region. The full stretch of these rivers seems a bit too long for a single retail WTD file, which is why the region has been divided between the two levels. It's unclear what the transition between WB and LL will be like - possibly a line of short cliffs and waterfalls, which the player must ascend to reach the lowlands. This level is a vast, relatively flat (if somewhat hilly) area of Sorna with two main rivers, probably along with many streams and ponds. The lands are damp and full of life, but not quite swampy. The Smuggler's camp has tentatively been placed somewhere in this level. Some form of connection at the end brings Anne into the western Plains, in about the same spot as the retail "view" waterfall, though as currently planned without near as much of a drop. Beyond that, the project leader to take on this level should decide what lies within and what creative themes will drive its appearance.
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