Tres: Reloaded Premise

No Longer Active! - The first TresCom Community Project - restoring and rebuilding the original game.

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Tres: Reloaded Premise

Post by Draconisaurus »

Just making an introductory thread to this forum for newcomers (when they come, or if old-timers come around again). Trespasser: Reloaded is the first "community project" for a joint mod here at TresCom to have seen any real success. We expect it to take a while to be totally finished, just considering the plans, but who knows. Anyone is allowed to join up - right now I'm planning to manage everything so that initial, basic rereleases of the levels are made public, but then as time goes, mini-teams are made for each level so then the final release of the game has a little surprise for everyone. But even then, anyone is allowed to contribute to any level at any time, if the offer is taken. 8)

The aim of the mod is to not only "fix" the original levels to include those elements that were removed (things like the CRAY capacitor puzzle, the harbor crane puzzle, Pine Valley), but also to take a fresh look at Trespasser and the very earliest concepts that the writer/developers had for it, before venturing deeper into the design stage where technical constraints of the day and other assumptions took their toll on the original ideas and shaped the game into what was finally released. Beyond that - Tres: R also aims to give the entire game a fresh perspective that goes even potentially beyond the original script, and introduce new and exciting things that will make people who've already played the retail game many times have reason to play it all again and actually go exploring deep into the far corners of the game in search of new surprises.

Who knows exactly where this will take us! I have personally planned much of the project, but community opinion is constantly reshaping the reality of this mod. Stick around to find out what happens - and maybe even leave your own mark on this reload of Trespasser.
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Re: Tres: Reloaded Premise

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Good job :)
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