A journal, I guess o_o..

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A journal, I guess o_o..

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Alright, so, This project is not dead, but it is barely breathing. With classes and exams, and the impending doom of my GPA with these hard classes and japanese classes I've been distracted. I've also taken up story writing and Roleplay, so, yeah. Scripting has been delayed until I can get the models and inspiration in.. Thankfully my inspiration has been increased with recent events, I bought a new laptop and will now be able to go mobile with modding. I'm making a RPG type scenario through screenshots on my DA account, it's just started so it may be a bit before more is revealed to the public~
I haven't checked the forums much so I'm pretty sure that the '08 contest event has either been finished or closed, only one thing made me think about it again, and it was the crashing of my ALMOST finished SoA (Short of Ammo) project. Hopefully HOPEFULLY I will have it up and running again and possibly submitted here.
I just noticed today however that the forums will be moving, so I will wait a short amount of time before actually submitting anything, I would like to know when this move is finished please ^_^.
The whole bit about getting adjusted to the new dog and some new life is now finished with, the dog is nice and comfy in his new, all though (possibly) temporary home, and is infact nudging my arm as I type.
-cough- Getting back on track with this journal however, there is a bit of back story going on. I will be recruiting one of my classmates (if he's available) for some VO's. Most of the story will be said throughout the level through journal entries, I still yet to decide WHERE the journal entries will come from though, Probably something that Anne read through on the way there, or.. back.. whichever way that one works... heh, gives me ideas on this ^_^ which makes me pretty happy. Uhmm.. hmm... what else am I missing from making this a proper journal? Heh..

.. OH Since I most likely won't be too active here, anyone who wants to see the story/rp style pictures and descriptions go draco-master.deviantart.com here =D, so, if you want much more info, comment here o_o... -coughcough- this being the first Journal I've tried writting out I am.. probably missing a whole lot of things ^^;;; IGNORE MY NOOBISHNESS, DESPAIR AND FALL VICTIM TO THE PV CURSE!! -steals the jar and rips it open- :pirate: .. -cough again- anyways... yeah..
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Re: A journal, I guess o_o..

Post by Draconisaurus »

Lol, good of you to let us know the project is not quite dead.. I've been very tempted to get the topics in this board merged with Level Creation/Editing, as it takes up vertical space in the board and has very few topics/posts. But if you think it'll pick up eventually, that's good.. I will say that taking part in online rollplaying has the potential to zap every last scrap of your freetime, so you may have to set it aside for a while if you ever want this level to move forward.

And it's a fine journal entry. ;) Not quite like mine, but it should just contain whatever info you want.. 8) Only thing missing is screenshots :lol:

PS: Yeah, the Contest to End All Contests.. never ended :P There were not enough submissions. I started a Summer level contest but I think it was dead before it got off the ground. Btw, if anyone is still interested in it, please to contribute.. The winner will probably get a peak at the current JPDS~testing.
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