Trespasser: New Beginnings - Chapter 13

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Trespasser: New Beginnings - Chapter 13

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Please feel free to read the Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12 before reading the following chapter. :) Anyway, here's Chapter 13:

Chapter 13: The Camp

Anne put her jacket in her mouth, biting down so she could fumble with her keys. They clinked together, jingling as she turned the lock.

The door opened, and she pushed the door open. She dropped the jacket, pulling out the keys. She set them on the table by the door, next to the phone, and picked up her jacket. She closed the door, bolting it and walked over to the couch.

Her beer bottle was sitting on the counter.

I thought I threw that away.

Anne shrugged, picking up the bottle. She looked up, realizing that the TV was on. It was muted.

“Oops,” she laughed, setting the bottled back down.

She started searching for the remote, when someone started speaking. It was Jill.

“No Anne, I’m serious.” Anne turns around, only inches from the couch. Jill and Anne are sitting on the couch. Both are beginning to get up. Jill goes on, “You need to get away for awhile. Take a cruise, or something. Go to Hawaii, or Jamaica… Or, I know, Costa Rica…”

Wait, how am I there, if I’m here?

Jill laughs. “Anne, you know I’m right. Just get a break, for a week. It’ll be good for you.”

“Jill,” The second Anne smiles, shaking her head. “What am I going to do with you?” She stops, getting up and walking around the couch to the door, where Jill is starting to walk as well. Jill turns around, and they face each other. Anne says, “I guess you’re right. I’ll just take a trip, for a few days. Just to get away, nothing else. “

“Hey,” Jill laughs. “It was your mom’s idea, after all.”

“Oh my God,” The second Anne says, throwing up her arms as she rolls her eyes.

Jill says, “I don’t think she’s serious, but I think she may be right. Call her.”

“Fine, fine.” The second Anne opens the door, and Jill steps out into the hall.

“See you later Anne,” Jill says, waving as she walks away.

Anne leans out, calling, “Good-bye!”

The second Anne closes the door, and disappears. Anne looks down at the table; her beer bottle is gone, and the TV is off.

What’s going on?

Anne turns around, and hears her voice say from her bedroom, “Ok vacation. Here I come.”

Oh no! I have to stop her!

She sees herself come out of the room, and then disappear. Anne begins to walk forward, as the entire apartment fades away.

Now she’s in the airplane carrying her to Costa Rica. She’s standing in the aisle, and just ahead to her right she can see the back of her own head.

The stewardess with the cart hands the second Anne a glass of water, and then walks away, pushing the cart. Anne starts to walk forward, when someone pushes out of a seat, blocking her way.

Hey jerk!

”Excuse me,” the man says. He turns around. It’s Marquez!

Marquez, you can’t take that plane today! You’ll all get killed!

Marquez begins to talk in Spanish, facing her, and she turns around, realizing he’s talking to Rico.

Guys! Can’t you hear me? Listen!

Marquez begins to walk down the aisle, toward the second Anne’s seat. Anne turns around to watch, as Marquez stops, looking at the second Anne, who gets up.

What’s going on? Rico?

The second Anne screams, as Marquez grabs her shoulders, shaking her. He fumbles with something in his pants, and the plane rocks. Marquez trips, tumbling down the aisle into the cockpit. The second Anne gets up, looking around.

Anne stands there in the aisle, unmoving, like she isn’t standing on anything that would cause her to jolt around.

The second Anne screams, and Anne sees that she’s falling toward the cockpit door. She starts to run after the second Anne, and sees her smash through the window. Marquez finally unhooks himself, only to be sucked out as well.

The plane disappears.

Anne is standing in Jill’s apartment. She looks around, moving toward Jill’s couch. The door to Jill’s bedroom splinters, and Jill falls on the ground.

Blood begins to puddle out around her body, and Anne screams Jill’s name, calling for help. She looks through the splintered hole in the door, which begins to swing open into darkness.

Two eyes stare out at her from the dark confines of whatever place it’s in. Anne screams, as a raptor—the purplish one that she had encountered—walks out of the room, a piece of flesh in its jaws.

Anne turns, running for the door as the raptor pursues.

Her hand grips the handle, and she pulls open the door, stepping out into jungle. She runs, hearing countless thumping of feet behind her. She comes out of the jungle, shuffling along sand.

Ahead of her she sees the harbor warehouse, and Marquez running inside, trying to get away from the rexes. She seems to teleport closer, not realizing the raptors are gone. She stands only a few feet from the warehouse door, as the male rex slams through.

She teleports inside, standing next to herself, who is just watching in horror as the rex knocks Marquez down, and listening to the echoing screams.

Anne watches as the second Anne runs from the warehouse, and looks at the rex, who’s staring at her. It simply opens its mouth.

Anne screams, seeing what’s inside.

It’s herself.

The warehouse disappears, the rex fading with it.

Anne finds herself standing on the ramp, in the aviary. Nearby she sees her hands outstretch on the other side of the rail to grab hold of the Pteranodon’s beak. It squawks, and in seconds Anne feels the rush of the other Pteranodon crash into the one she was holding onto.

But something’s different.

She doesn’t see herself being pulled up at the force. She goes to the railing, and her eyes open wide.


She sees herself falling down toward the river, arms flailing out; mouth open to emit soundless cries of terror.

Everything disappears. Now she only hears voices, coming from hidden sources:

“Anne, how are you?”

“Let me guess. You don’t like men?”

“Sorry ma’am. We don’t allow that on the plane.”

“You seem awfully curious about them. Do you plan on going?”

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The sea…”

The white space she’s in slowly turns into an outside restaurant. It’s the one Marquez had taken her to. She’s sitting at the table: herself to the right, Marquez to the left, the beach straight ahead.

Marquez says, “That’s not a good sign. It may lead you there.”

“No, it won’t. I know my limits.”


Anne wakes up. She rubs her eyes, looking around. “What a dream.”

She looks down over the edge of the branch. Her body feels better, more rested. She starts to slide down the branch toward a lower one, making her way slowly to the ground.

As she jumps off the lowest branch, dropping to the ground, she thinks:

Finally, a tree that didn’t give me problems.

She stretches. “Now which way do I go?”

Not knowing where she’s headed, Anne begins off through the jungle.


Anne realizes that the ground is becoming a bit more sloped, and that the jungle trees are replaced more by pines as she walks on. After a timeframe of ten minutes, she’s completely surrounded by forest, the jungle gone as if it hadn’t been there at all.

She constantly passes around the trees, weaving among them while listening to the crunch of pine needles beneath her shoes.

She passes through a single beam of sunlight, and looks up.

She continues to walk, gazing up at the canopy, and then looks ahead. She rounds a thick tree right in front of her, and, expecting to find ground on the other end, she trips down a small hillside.

She lands on her side, rolling down, but it’s only a few feet. She gets up, wiping off some leaves, and looks around. She’s standing on the side of a wide, dirt trail, running through the forest. In both directions it stretches, and Anne looks both ways.

“Trees, hills. Everything’s my luck, until I find a road.”

Without another word, she starts walking left, looking for a sign or building.


She walks on for five minutes, once again tired. Several beams of light shine down through the canopy, illuminating the area around her in several patches, allowing her to see tangles of pine needles.

Something ahead to the right catches her eye.

She stops, squinting to see what it is. It’s metal.

She starts to jog, crossing the trail to it. When she reaches it, she asks, “What is this thing?”

Between two large trees on the side of the road, Anne has found a large collapsible, folding structure. It seems badly damaged, the roof dented in, in several places.

The bottom is made up of large, rising supports, which fold open to push the green-painted house-like structure on the top. Anne can see several ropes lying on the ground, and one attached from the structure to the tree.

The entire structure is collapsed: all the supporting posts folded up, with the house-like building resting on top. Anne moves close, looking over the rail of the building to look inside. The floor is all metal-grating, and several camouflage drapes lay piled up in one corner.

She looks up at the roof, where the dents push in.

“What happened to this thing?”


The sound came from the opposite side of the forest. “Better get going.”


It had been several minutes since Anne had left the structure. It was gone from view now, and the trail had curved away. She could see faint tire tracks embedded in the dry mud lining the road.

Heavy pounding rumbled through the ground ahead. Anne looked up from the tracks as a massive Stegosaur passed through the forest on the left, crossing the road to the right. It was closely followed by five or six more.

They grunted, each time a puff of air erupting from their nostrils. Their spiked tails swung lazily from side to side as they crashed through the forest on the right.

I should follow them. See where they go.

Anne laughs at her own thought, and finds herself closely jogging to pursue as the last Stegosaur disappears through the forest. She nears the gap they had created to get across, and steps off the trail through the trees.

Ahead she can see their spiked backs quivering with each step. She walks slowly, only fifteen feet behind the last.

They move even slower, grunting and snorting. Anne starts to ponder about going back, when the group stops. “What’s going on?”

From her right she hears thunderous crashing through the trees, and turns to see that a large Stegosaurus is coming—

At her!

She curses, standing motionless, as the Stegosaur flanks off to her left, blocking the rest of the herd. Its massive tail swings low at her head, and Anne ducks, sliding underneath it as it passes overhead. The Stegosaur snorts, and Anne ducks again as it makes another swing.

As Anne gets up from her position, she starts to run into the forest, away from the Stegosaur. It makes as if it’s going to come after her, and Anne looks back to see it turn away, with a grunt.

Anne slows down, jogging into open space. “Great, now where am I?”

In front of her are several large, metal cages, right in the clearing. Some are quite big, shaped oddly, while other are small, rectangular cages. They’re all barred, and some of the smaller cages are overturned.

She walks forward, nearing one of the cages. The bars are rusted, and the door in the front is wide open. She knows what this place is. “This must be where those hunters put the dinosaurs last year. That must mean their camp is nearby! Maybe there’s a surviving radio, or something!”

She weaves through the cages, nearly running into the side of a Hummer. It’s parked sideways, facing a cage, and the door is marked with a huge dent. It has the InGen logo printed on the side.

She jogs around it, finding several motorcycles. Most of them are smashed apart, crushed. Only two remain standing, pushed against the hummer. The remains of a tent lie nearby, equipment scattered all around it.

She moves past the cycles, toward the mess of scattered tents and equipment littering the ground. Glass fragments and bits of plastic line the floor here and there.

In some places there are overturned trucks, while in some instances, Anne can see that they’ve been crushed. A jeep lies at an angle to the ground, due to a large smash indentation near the back.

“I remember hearing about the hunters,” Anne whispers, looking around. “But I never knew this happened.”

Anne walks over to a slaughtered piece of equipment. “There’s no way I can get any communication from here.”

She curses, kicking up a small wave of rocks with the front of her shoe. “I’m never going to get off this island!”

A small drop of water lands on her nose.

“Great, and now it’s going to rain! Give me a break here!”

Another drop lands on her forehead. The camp is surrounded by forest, and she looks around, realizing she doesn’t know where she is anymore. “Which way do I go now?”

She curses again, angry. Something snaps in her mind.

She screams: an odd “Graah!” erupting from her mouth. She flushes hot, even the rain seems to not touch her body. She pictures the raptor in her dream killing Jill.

And then her parents.

And that stupid stewardess on the plane that wouldn’t let her have any beer.

And the old man on Marquez’s tour plane. And the little girl who kept giving her nasty looks.

And Rico.

And Marquez.

And herself.

They all disappear in white light, flashing away as the shadow of the raptors and the rexes and the Brachiosaurs and the Ankylosaurs and the Triceratops and the Pteranodons all fade into one and explode into a flurry of darkness.

Anne opens her eyes, feeling something cold and wet pressing into her entire backside. Above her she sees the dim gray of the storm clouds above, dropping small bombs of the water which race down from the sky and land almost soundlessly around her.


“Ugh…” Anne stretches. Her eyes blink open, and she feels cold air drifting down. She’s lying in the backseat of the Hummer which had been resting next to the motorcycles. She props herself up, putting her back on the inside of the door behind her, and looks down the seat.

The other door is now unlocked, she had done so by somehow breaking the window and unlocking it. She groaned, “How’d I do that?”

She had not much memory of what had happened after entering the camp, except for several short flashing images of the ruined camp itself. Outside, the sky is still gray, but she can see the sun trying to beat its way through.

She pulls her head back through the broken window, and opens the door, stepping outside onto the mud and pebbles making up the ground. She steps over a nearby motorcycle, stretching once more in the aisle of the camp.

“Did I sleep through the night, or is it still afternoon?”

She had lost track of what day it possibly was, let alone her guesses on the hour. It looked like late afternoon, but she couldn’t be sure.

The camp seemed less dark as it had been when she first stumbled upon it, and she felt the breeze pushing the back of her shirt—which was damp for some odd reason—against her skin. She felt her hair, which seemed slightly damp as well.

There was no doubt her legs had been wet, as well as the back of her shorts, since they were freshly mudded. It was almost dry, and she quickly flicked what she could off.

She looked down the aisle of the camp, which bent off own a hill into the forest. “Well, I have to start moving again sometime.”

She shrugged; her thoughts about what had happened soon forgotten, as she entered a beaten path of the forest. Here and there, she could see faint tire marks leading back to the camp.
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