Trespasser: New Beginnings - Chapter 6

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Trespasser: New Beginnings - Chapter 6

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Here's Chapter 6! I'm sorry I posted this a little late, but I held it off on accident. I'm working on Chapter 9 right now, so I'll get Chapters 7 and 8 up tommorow and Thursday. :) Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 6: Reunion

Anne pushes her way through several fallen trees, passing within range of the crane. As she moves in front of the crane, she is finally standing in front of the white object.

It’s a wooden sign.

Much of the paint is chipped away, but Anne can make out several things. The entire sign is about six feet tall, including the posts on which it sits. Much of it is rotted white, and near the top Anne sees some sort of logo.

It reads: InGen.

Below it, sprayed in red, Anne can make out the words: Site B Facility.

“Oh no,” Anne whispers. “This is Site B.” She turns around, looking at the crane, picturing the raptors and the Brachiosaurs. “Misplaced. You’re a fool Anne. Nothing like those could be misplaced.”

Anne looks back at the sign. Trailing off to the left is a path, curving into the forest. She shrugs, “Well, I wasn’t expecting taking a hike on this trip, but what the hell. I’ve done enough of it today already.”

She turns from the sign, following the dirt trail, covered on the sides by fallen leaves. The forest around her seems to creep in, and she occasionally looks around, feeling the sense she’s begin watched.

As she rounds the end of the curve, she stops. The trees arch out around a complex building in front of her. They wrap around, enclosing the building. It’s spread out for a short distance in either direction, and ahead of her the path leads to a set of concrete stairs.

At the top of the stairs there is a single, wood door. Cautiously she moves up the steps, reaching for the door. The door creaks open as she tugs, a slight cloud of dust puffing up from below.

It swings, even after she lets go, and hits the concrete wall outside. She watches as it begins to close again, and stops, leaving the entry partway open.


Anne rolls her eyes. “What am I thinking? No one’s here. This is Site B, remember?”

Behind her the doors closes, and as Anne remains motionless, something grabs her shoulders. She screams.




Marquez Santiago falls on the ground, pressing his back against a wall. His legs are spread in front of him. “Marquez, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Just tired.”

Anne stares, stunned that he’s here. “How… How…”

“How did I find you?”

Anne nods. Marquez smiles. “After the crash, I woke up on the shore. You were there too, but completely unconscious. I couldn’t wake you. I guess it was luck I didn’t grab you when I tried, or else we would’ve been on that plane. Anyway, I tried to get to Rico, but I got blown out myself. The last thing I heard was all those screams of those people, and then the plane drowned it out.”

He shifted, groaning. “I woke up, saw you there. I tried to wake you, but, like I said, you were completely unconscious. So, I left you, planning to go get help. I wasn’t expecting this to be…”

“Sorna,” Anne nods.

“Yes. I never believed they really pulled it off. I tried to look for help, or survivors. I found no one. I went back to the beach where I had left you, but that pile of boulders leading out of that area was fallen. I knew if I ever went down I could never get up, and I realized you must have climbed out of there as well. I started looking around, and saw that the fence was open. So, I just kept going. I came down a long trail, I don’t know where, and thought I had seen you in a pond. I was going, but something was in the forest. I climbed up a tree, and watched as these,” he stops, trying to make up a word. “These things came running underneath. I got down, and saw them chasing after some big horned thing. They went up a hill, and I arched around them, still following the road up. When I got to the top, there was no sign of them, except for the remains of the animal they were chasing.”

“But you kept going?”

Marquez nods. “I followed the road, and then I reached this bridge or something. It was cracked through near the center, but I figured I could get up it. There was blood on the wood, and I kept hearing these odd snorting sounds. Unfortunatly, I went to inspect.”

He rolls over slightly. In his back his shirt is ripped, and there is a clean swipe mark running down his back. “It hurts like hell, but I got myself out of there. I went over that bridge, and that hurt even worse, trying to jump with this in my back. I got to a building with this big concrete thing, and took the only way over the fence. I had to jump down from the concrete path, but by then I had gotten more adjusted to the pain. So I kept going, and saw a bunch of those creatures hanging around a shack. The only way I could get past them was to get them away, so I tricked them into following me in the forest. Once again I found myself in a tree.”

He laughed. Anne said, “So that’s why they left.”

Marquez continues, “I waited a while, and dropped down, jogging back. That’s when I heard the crashing sounds. When I came to that slope, I saw the crane in the forest below, and followed. If you were the one that caused it, I figured you’d be down there. I saw footprints in the mud as I came down, and instantly knew you were alive. I inspected the crane, and found the path in front of it, with the sign.”

“Then you followed it,” Anne said. “And found me.”


“Well, I’m glad you’re alive.”

“It’s good to see you here as well.”

“We need to find a way off this island.”

“No doubt about that.”

“Maybe there’s something in this building that can help us.”

Marquez gets up, Anne helping. He steps forward, and Anne goes to him. “I’m fine. I can bear it. It’s not too bad.”

“We need to clean it before it gets infected.”

“You’re right, but we need to get off this island to do that. The bleeding’s basically stopped. That dinosaur didn’t get much into the skin. It backed off before it could. It was dying. It was unbearable at first. Now it’s just becoming a sting.”

“Ok then.”

Anne looks around. They’re in some sort of reception room. On either wall there are two windows, and lines of chairs. The air is musty; old. Ahead there is a desk, with a yellowish whiteboard on the front. It’s built into the ground.

On the right, behind the desk is a single door. Anne looks at Marquez, who shrugs. They walk behind the desk, Marquez stopping to look out the windows at the forest around the building. “Hey Anne. What were those animals that were out there.”

“Velociraptors. I counted a total of five. Three that attacked the dinosaur, plus the two that joined one of the three when they were hunting me. Two died, which now makes it a total of three. I’m sure there’s more.”

“There’s always more.”

Anne laughed. “Great luck, huh?”

“How many you think are out there total?”

“I don’t know. Maybe twelve. I never really read much into the book. Just parts, here and there. Enough to learn some names, and a little background history.”

Marquez nods. Anne goes behind the desk. There are wrinkled papers, covered by years of dust. There’s a computer monitor and a—

A phone!

“I found a phone!”

Marquez gets up, walking over slowly. He asks, plainly, “Does it work?”

Anne picks it up. No tone. She shakes her head: no.

Marquez nods slightly, motioning towards the door behind the desk. “Shall we?”

Anne turns around, opening the door. They find themselves in a hallway, which is illuminated only by several open doors on either side. Along both sides of the hall there are doors, and straight ahead, at the end of the carpeted floor, there is a set of double doors, with dim windows on either side, allowing them to see that the door leads outside.

Anne says, “Let’s look in the rooms. I’ll take the left side, you take the right.”

Marquez nods, pushing open a nearby door on the right. Anne walks into an open right-side door. In the room, she sees a single window, a beam of light passing through the entire room into the hall. In front of the window there is a single desk.

Nothing else. Nothing on the walls. Nothing on the desk.



She walks out, going to another room.


In the first room Marquez enters, he find the same results as Anne does: One window, a single desk, and nothing else. He leaves, moving around to the next room.

He pushes the door open, listening to it squeak closed behind him. Inside this room, which is at least twice as wide as the first, there are four desks; two on each side of the room, facing away from the double windows on the far wall. They are neatly spaced, save for one, which is slightly pushed at an angle away from the wall.

On each desk there is a single computer monitor. Each one is black, and he sees that the chords on all of them are cut. “Why are they cut,” he asks himself, whispering.

He moves to each desk, checking the drawers. Each one is locked. He steps around the desk closest to the window, and one by one inspects the drawers.

One slides open, after a hard tug.

At first he sees nothing inside, but puts his hand in the back. His hand slides over something, and he pulls it into view.

A gun.

He checks it, finding that it’s loaded. The gun is white, save for a black plastic grip running along either side of the handle. It’s loaded with eight bullets, and he says, inspecting the gun, “Hmm… Some sort of Magnum? No. Desert Eagle, I think.”


Anne steps back out into the hall. After a moment, Marquez comes out through one of the doors, readjusting his clothes.


He snaps his head up. “What?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” he says. “I just had to, uh, go to the bathroom.”

“Oh,” Anne says. He turns away for a moment, and she looks at him suspiciously. Her suspicion fades, as she asks, “I don’t think there’s anything here.”

“You’re right,” Marquez says, stepping across the hall to her. “This place is some sort of workplace, or something.”

“A bunch of desks. They’re all empty.”

Marquez nods, looking towards the doors at the end of the hall, leading outside. The two push them open, stepping out into the daylight. The trees finish their circle ahead, leaving a gap in-between either side, where a path runs straight ahead.

“Shall we,” Anne asks, and begins walking down the path. The two walk in silence for several moments, before the trees begin to thin out. They grow more distant from each other, and ahead Anne can see a concrete wall, with a wooden door at the end of the path.

As they draw closer, they can see the roofs of several buildings beyond. Anne says, “Maybe there’s a—“ She stops, instantly realizing the answer to her question is no.

Marquez doesn’t give any sign of asking her what she was going to say.

They push open the wooden door, which moves cleanly across a small paved area underneath the doorway. They step in, once again on dirt.

The new area is completely surrounded by a concrete wall, built into a square barrier. The far wall is wooden fence, instead of concrete, making it look awkward. In one place along the right wall there is a giant gap, where something has smashed through; and the same in two places on the left wall.

There are four buildings inside the enclosure: Three bungalows and one wide two-story building. The bungalows are old, spaced out several yards between each other. The path runs down the center, branching off to each bungalow and the building. They are all aligned neatly with the path.

Anne says, “I’ll check out this bungalow.” Marquez watches as she steps off to the right, walking to the first bungalow. He glances above it, staring at the building behind.

He hears the bungalow door screech, and looks back at Anne, who’s disappeared inside. He yells, “I’ll look at this one.”

He walks off to the left, towards another bungalow.


Anne enters the bungalow, each step she takes creaking on the ground. There’s nothing much inside, except for several faded posters along the walls, a big standing lamp in one corner, and a waste paper basket lying on its side near the door.

Anne sighs, angry that they’ve found nothing to help them survive, or get off this island. She exits the bungalow, returning to the path. After several moments, Marquez appears from the adjacent bungalow. Anne asks, “Find anything?”

“Not a thing. Unless you want a free frame.”

She laughs. “I’m willing to bet we won’t fin anything in the third bungalow either.”

“I have that feeling too.”

“Should we try the building?”

Marquez nods, already walking towards the building. It’s painted red, and the front seems ominous to Anne. The path moves forward, towards a set of wooden stairs, going up onto a porch. It looks rotted; like she’s going to fall through if she steps on it. The door is black, with a circular handle, gleaming slightly through the rust. On either side of the door there is a window: one is boarded up completely, while the other one is partially boarded. The partially boarded window, on their right, is covered on the bottom, and the open glass on the top is shattered.

Anne begins to say something, when from the back of the building there comes a thud. Marquez grabs her, pulling her up the steps slowly. The wood creaks, threatening to crack, but Marquez keeps moving. There is another thud.

Something big is coming.

Anne starts to protest, but Marquez puts a hand over her mouth. He reaches for the door, as another thud fills the air. It opens, and he pulls her inside. He whispers, “Whatever it is, it’s probably dangerous, knowing our luck.”

Anne moves to the window, peering out the top. The floor seems to rattle, and she gasps as a shadow comes over the porch. Through the window she sees a thick, reptilian leg pass to her left, moving towards the path.

It comes into full view, and Marquez whispers, “Dear Lord…”

Anne says, “That’s a Tyrannosaurus rex.”

“A what?”

“A T-Rex,” Anne says. “It probably came through that hole in the wall. Hell, it probably made that hole.”

She gazed at the creature, who was moving across the path past a bungalow. It walked on two legs, its muscles rippling at every step. The dinosaur’s skin was brown, with a mix of pebbled dark green. It was carrying something in its jaws.

Anne watched as the rex disappeared through one of the two holes on the far wall, and into the forest beyond.


Marquez says, “I thought those raptors were bad. Looking at that thing makes those raptors seem like small fries.”

Anne doesn’t say anything. She turns from the window. “That was amazing.”

“If we had been outside, it would’ve killed us.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Supposedly they can’t see you if you don’t move.”

Marquez nodded. “I think I’ll remember that.”

Anne looked around the room. It was bare, just like everything else. Wood floors, chipped away painted walls. “Why can’t we just have some luck here?”

She stared at a set of stairs rising up in the back of the room, climbing towards them. Marquez says, “It’s a longshot, but let’s try upstairs.”

They walked around the stairs, stepping up onto them, and began to climb. When they reached the top, they were in another hall. To the right, the hall opened up access to two doors. Marquez said, “I’ll check those.”

Anne watched him open up a door, and followed the hall to the left. As she walked, she opened up two more doors, leaning inside to glance. Once again, there was nothing of use inside of them. She left the doors open, and moved to the third door, at the end of the hall.

She pushed open the door with one hand, walking in. There was a window against one of the walls, and she looked out. She saw the roof of one of the bungalows, and the hole in the wall that the rex must’ve entered through.

Near the window was a desk, like the ones that had been in the other building. There was a small lamp on it, and a pen lying on the desk. The cap was missing. It was pointed towards the drawers, and she moved around the desk.

A wooden chair lay on its side, and she pushes it away to get around. There were four drawers, and only one opened. Inside, she found a folded paper, and pulled it out. There was text on one side, but it had faded.

She flipped it over, opening up the fold. A note was written in ink, splayed across the paper. It was old, in early stages of fading. It read:

I have forgotten when, why. We were trapped here, and they came. No choice, so we will run. May God be with us.

Anne whispers, studying the note, “What the hell does this mean?”

She ponders it for a moment, and folds up the note, pocketing it. She walks around the desk, towards the door. As she does, a hiss slides it way through the open door, and she hears the faint creak of something making its way down the hall.
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