??? Speed Questions ???

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??? Speed Questions ???

Post by UtahRaptor »

Ok um i got a few quick questions.

1. How do you play downloaded levles cuz i downloaded it and did exactly what it said ( the "readme" ) and i cant play it.
2.Iv been hearing talk about a diloposaurs and i was wondering is there more dinos than brachiosaurs, trex, raptor, stegasaurs ,trike, and albertosaurs. and if there is can you please post a link to a outside download trescom is not working for me due to the "face lift".
3. pretty much the same as question 2. exept about wepons.
4. Can you make it so raptors can go inside houses?
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Post by Slugger »

First, welcome to the forums.
Second, do not post your messages in blue. Unless you're color blind, did you not notice that blue on a dark background looks awful? I took the liberty of fixing this little mistake.

Now for you questions.
1. To play fan levels, you need to perform a haddrive install. This post will show you how.
Or, read the Trespasser Primer, which contains instructions for performing a harddrive install, plus instructions for install the ATX patch, and links for important trouble-shooting posts on the forum.

2. Do you mean that the frontpage is not formatted correctly? Simply click your browsers refresh button; it's an error with the previous cache. There's the TresCom Dinosaur Download Center, which is your best bet as a repocitory for new dinosaur models; unfortunately, I can't find the link.

3. machf released a new level called "the armory," which included many new weapons. http://files.filefront.com/Armoryzip/;8 ... einfo.html

4. ATX can disable the code that prevents dinos from entering buildings (although beware that physic-glitches will probably ensue).
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