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Post by Remdul »

Nice read!

Slugger, I have readablified the QA a bit so it is easier to read and incorporates in the site a bit better.

Let me know if I made some errors or left something out.
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Post by masterchiefoo7 »

wow, he answered a lot of questions!

so there really was a plains level! and the Gap in the lab-AS1 really is a mistake :(

well, with all those amazing answers, it leaves open even more questions!
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Post by Nikali »

Draconisaurus wrote:The next JP game will probably be released along with JP4, which they say will come out in 2008 but I would caution to be ready for 2009.

I would like to say thank you to Draconisaurus for answering my question. I speculate the same out come.

I would also like to thank the man for answering these many questions best of his ability for these trespasser fans. :)


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Post by machf »

So, when was the whole thing done?
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Re: Post your Questions for Rolf Mohr

Post by LtSten »

Were these questions posted anywhere, or have they been lost in time like so many things? (Including dinosaurs :P)
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