Making Tres a real survival horror...

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Making Tres a real survival horror...

Post by hppav »

Here's an idea. Trespasser was already going to be made as a first person survival horror, right? Well how about remaking the campaign with audio cues (creepy noises and the like) and add in some complicated puzzles like those seen in other Survival Horror games, just need to use magnets and animation to do it but it would be good.

I mean, something more complicated than "Find the color coded key card."

And it would need more devestation, some more detail in the destroyed items rather than "Oh, it's a truck without an engine, wheels, or the doors. Shouldn't have parked here at night."
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Second Illiteration
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Post by Second Illiteration »

I think a good way to add to that is by setting a level at night and with a good set of fog. Also someone create a building that a dino can be in....
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Post by Slugger »

If it was up to me...

more creepy music

Beach-IJ :: dawn->dusk
Town-Lab :: night->dawn
AsI-AsII :: late-moring->late afternoon
Summit :: dusk

Scarcer weapons, more adversaries.

What kinda additional puzzles though?
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Post by TrikeUatra »

This is a good idea :) I don't play any Survival Horrors... but then again, before Tres, I didn't play any FPSs. ;)

I think the timing of the day idea is cool :) I like only play Tres in night-mode nowadays to keep it more exciting :P
When you say more adversaries, though, a few more Albertas, some Compys and some of the other new dinosaurs we have like the Dilo would definitely be much better than putting even more raptors in :yes:
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Re: Making Tres a real survival horror...

Post by Draconisaurus »

Whoa, this is a great old idea.... going to move it into the Tres Reloaded section.
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