3d models and C

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3d models and C

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Hello again, I have been unshown for a long time althow I have been here everyday...
first of all I would like to congratulate everyone who have been working for Trespasser and "Trespasser Comunity", I have beem seeing lots of better modifications in the game and I'm realy glag to be part of a group who is intrested in a game with almost 10 years, and does not get arms down and still working... ;) Congratulations....

For a long time, as you know, I am intresting about making a game source, this weekend I get an idea and that was simply, just make a puppet "walk" in the screen with reception from the user... lol, realy easy I know, but it is the first step :P....
Whell what I would like to ask is, if anyone have an e-book, or know any book wish teach how does 3D models work, how are they done (not with programs)...
Whell my idea is, create a source code for a game that understands an own 3d model format... I belive this is the only way to get a model into a game... if I'm wrong ... ;) tell me ehhehehh ;=)

thanks ;)
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