Trespasser: Potential sound glitch fix

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Trespasser: Potential sound glitch fix

Post by Rebel »

The below information (supplied by Big Red) refers to anyone
suffering from the lack of sound in-game. Overall, it appears
to apply to many of the sound glitches experienced. (This al-
so pertains to smk videos playing improperly).

*There may be individual cases where this fix may not work.

The fix;

Locate the file A3D.DLL ( inside windows\system folder ) and
either rename (ie. A3D.DLL_OLD) or temporarily remove from
folder. A 2nd, recommended method is to go to this address:

This site is Big Red's, where his 'ATX Tres' executive addon
can be downloaded. Download the latest version, V1.31.
Inside the ATXconfig.ini file (trouble-shooting section), there
is an option to disable A3D.dll file detection.

Set DisableA3DdllDetection=0
Set DisableA3DdllDetection=1 to enable

Controlling A3D useage with ATX Tres is most likely the best
of the two solutions, simply because the renaming, moving or
deletion of the A3D.DLL file may cause problems elsewhere,
as it may be used by other games or programs.

*Please note, your executable (trespass.exe) must be patch-
ed by either official dreamwork's patch (small or large) and be
an English-Version of Trespasser.
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Re: Trespasser: Potential sound glitch fix

Post by machf »

It's also possible to place an a3d.dll file that works better than the default tha comes with Windows on your Trespasser folder to solve that problem. Check out this post.
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