Jurassic Park Mod Production Thread

65 million years in the making - hppav's Isla Nublar mod!

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Post by machf »

Looks nice...
I'd say something else, but now I have to sleep...
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Post by Draconisaurus »

Dude I <3 the new fences, totally sweet. 8) That is really cool that you made all those customizable parts... perfect for non-modelling tresedders. :D (not that I am one, you know but there are plenty of them, some even under my tutalage :P) How are you doing for physics on them? That part is not always fun but I would actually be happy to take care of that part for you.. it's curcial to have the physics instances ready before you begin object placement (and it's pretty obvious to me each section will have more than 10 physics pieces, unfortunately.. however we could make some of them subobjects and the rest instances).
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Post by hppav »

Alright, when I get them finished, I'll send 'em to you.
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