Patching tc_isle ( and the reasons saved_games don't work)

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Patching tc_isle ( and the reasons saved_games don't work)

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As promised Personal Privacy Edit I've looked into the saved_game problem and I believe that I've discovered all of the problems.

they are:

play animations: saved_games will not record model's updated positions if animation is linked to more than 1 trigger.

teleports: saved_games will not record model's updated positions unless model is tangible and moveable. (this requirement does not apply to invisibles)

visibility: saved_games cannot record visibility/invisibility when dealing with 'visible objects'. Nor can you make an object labeled visible = false inside its script to visibility. My guess is, the engine never bothers to cache the object at level's startup which would explain why it can't be brought into visibility during gameplay.

variable triggers: saved_games 'do not' record updated boolean values to said triggers, it simply copies the original values. Although you can use a boolean trigger to change the value which allows the saved_games to register the changed variable, it has to be set at -1 firecount which means the boolean trigger fires on for as long as gameplay continues (and not a good solution, though I think using actual triggers for fire expressions in lieu of variables might prove a viable workaround).

They're the main problems. The good news is, I think that I might be able to redo the level, but it would consist of a massive rewrite of the scripts in many sections of the level and seeing that I don't have much more than a few free hours a week, it may take me several weeks (or longer) to rescript the entire level. I rewrote the Venture script just this morning (everything works and records properly in saved_games now), though there's alot of other locales I'd have to revisit and test the hell out of beforehand.