Trespasser: HardDrive Installation

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Trespasser: HardDrive Installation

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Typically, the majority of Trespasser game files remain on disk and are read from there during gameplay by the cd-rom. There is, however, another option. Generally referred to as a 'harddrive' installation, there are several beneficial reasons for installing the game in this manner. Some of those benefits are: allows you to play the game without aid of the cd-rom, thus allowing a user to store the Trespasser cd instead of subjecting it to potential damage due to useage, smoother gameplay during audio calls, and perhaps mostly importantly, a harddrive install allows a player to enjoy the use of TresEd (Trespasser Level Editor) as an editor and not simply as a viewer. You will not only be able to edit the game's levels on your own, but the harddrive install will also present you with the ability to play and enjoy an ever growing list of fan levels created for the game. The information that you will find below will guide you through this simple process.


1. If you already have game installed, please uninstall game first.

Afterwards, restart computer.

2. Insert Trespasser Cd into Drive. Once Installation screen shows,
exit screen (Do not install!)

3. From Desktop, go to My Computer. Enter Local Drive [C]. Create
folder named; tres cd (space included). DataPath: C:\tres cd\

4. Before commencing the copyng of the cd, please be certain that
the option of 'view hidden files' is checked. (From window, choose
tools, options, then view. Check box 'view hidden files'.

5. From Desktop, go to My Computer. Right Click on Trespasser
Icon. From DropDown Menu choose 'Explore'. Inside this window
you will see the entire contents of the Trespasser CD. Draw box,
(Mouse Button) around all files. Right Click and choose 'copy'

*Please be certain that you see a file named; EaHelp.GID here. It
will appear semi-transparent. This is the hidden file --

6. Return to the newly created file, 'tres cd' and open. Right Click
and choose 'paste'. This will copy the entire contents on the CD
onto your harddrive into the tres cd folder.

7. Once Cd copying is complete, remove the Trespasser cd from
its drive. Very Important! Put away in safe location; you will no
longer be needing it.

8. Go into tres cd/setup folder, install from there by clicking on
the icon labeled 'setup95'

*If you are running XP and Installation doesn't go smoothly, or
Trespasser crashes, try installing the game under win95 compa-
tibility mode.
Right click on the setup.exe file. Select preferences, then choose
compatibility. Select Win 95 From DropDown Menu. Further XP
Information can be found here

9. Follow Trespasser's onscreen installation instructions.

10. That's it... you're done!