Error when converting files to TPM

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Re: Error when converting files to TPM

Post by machf »

When loading a level in TresEd, make sure you set all options to maximum.

Other issues probably have to do with lighting and similar parameters. Take a look at the t-scripts from existing dinosaurs and copy those for your mesh before importing it...
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Re: Error when converting files to TPM

Post by Tormer »

It's fixed. I set all options at maximum in TresEd and gallimimus looks properly as well as his shade. Thanks, machf!
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Re: Error when converting files to TPM

Post by Draconisaurus »

Only skimmed the text here but it looks like you are putting a new dinosaur into Tres using TPDC? That's great! Very few people have managed. Rebel and machf were the most helpful to me when attempting to do this myself. A number of hurdles to go through but it does work in the end. Also helpful to view other dinosaurs in TPDC and see how they are rigged. "Paradeinonychus" is the custom dinosaur I finished.
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