E3/PcGamer tpa player

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E3/PcGamer tpa player

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Machf has already extracted all sounds from these earlier tpa builds, but I'm releasing the player
for the beta tpas just the same. It covers retails as well. The player is more than just a player,
but you can check that all out by viewing the compiled help files -

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cod55g5l ... p.zip/file

Changes (04/07/19 (version:

Added Code: Added catch code to prevent a potential crash if user is attempting to add an incompatible wav file into a tpa file.

Beta_to_Retail This function converts a beta tpa file into a retail ready tpa. This code is comparable to machf's Tpaupdate program, though it's main purpose is to produce retail ready tpas as additive tpa files and not necessarily as replacements for the originals (eg. effects 3001 96beta tpa's foley table is not updated since foley tables are ignored when used as an additive effects tpa ( if you wish to use a beta96 effects.tpa as a replacement tpa, then you should use machf's Tpaupdate Program instead)).

Caus_to_*eel This function creates an *eel file populated by all .cau files residing within a selected directory. Under 'Sound ID', user would enter their desired name of the .eel file before this function will perform this operation. In-game sound samples will match the names of these .cau files which simplifies the process of assigning names to an imported sound if you are like me and your .cau files are named after the sound sample names you wish to use ingame. Note, if your desired sound sample names do not share the names of your cau files, then you should use the Add_Cau (or Add_Wav) function and add your samples one at a time (assigning names to your sample as you do (a log file found inside current user/documents/tpa_wavs folder lists sample that are added in this manner)).

*Dir_to_Caus This functions converts all compatible wav files into .cau files within the selected directory. Afterwards, the created files can be added individually, or you can use the Caus_to_*eel function to create a eel file list that is ready to create a new tpa ( using the *eel_to_*tpa function (Menu/Build)).

Sound IDs List: Using machf's most recently updated tpa listings most (if not all) known sounds are now listed within this list and as in previous versions, all known sample ids are displayed while reviewing a tpa.

This latest release of the player incorporates all remaining separate utilities for sound editing. I do not envision any further updates to this program.
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