The Mysterious HB Keycard...

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Re: The Mysterious HB Keycard...

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Draconisaurus wrote:Noooo.
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"PSectyTryRRoom-00" (the box thing)
I just discovered that both build 96 and 116 of IT contains the physics for the "PSecrtyCrdRRm-00" card named "$FPSecrtyCrdRRm0-00" and "$FPSecrtyCrdRRm1-00". They got this simple script:

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    string Class = "CInstance"
    bool Tangible = true
    bool Moveable = true
    string SoundMaterial = "Keycard"
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Re: The Mysterious HB Keycard...

Post by Draconisaurus »

Huh interesting. RestRoom for somewhere? Doesn't make much sense..
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