MTG / Pre-Col. version of Trespasser

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MTG / Pre-Col. version of Trespasser

Post by Draconisaurus »

So I am curious - has anyone here ever played (or still play) Magic: The Gathering? 'Tis a cardgame in which mana (magic energy, basically) comes from five basic land types: Plains (white), Island (Blue), Swamp (Black), Mountain (Red), and Forest (Green). They are sort of like the five basic environment types. At any rate, back in late 2012 while I was homeless and being very creative with my notebooks, I dreamed up a version of Trespasser based on this system, grouping the island into five terrain areas (which necessitates skipping a little):

BE = Beach (Island)
JR = Jungle (Swamp)
PL = Plains (Plains)
PV = Pine (Forest)
AS = Mountain (Mountain)

Typical of my patterniness, lol. I found it highly amusing that it fit so well into MTG. It's a little dream of mine to create a version of the island based on this system, hehe. Sadly I'm not sure it would get much appreciation here... That and I'm not sure what each area would contain beyond the environmental elements and CAnimals. Kind of a neat way to redo Cocos Island. Any thoughts?

PS: Okay so I also had a similar idea of creating a different pre-Columbian civilization in each area of the island... And when combining it with the above system, you get this:

BE = Pacific Islanders
JR = Maya
PL = Mixtec
PV = Aztec
AS = Inca

This would add some interesting stuff and give the opportunity for puzzles. I also have the idea of making a pre-Columbian version of each area from Tres... Like in PV there would be an Aztec ruin based loosely on the design of the Geo Plant. Might actually do it one day.. Sounds fun...
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