The fate of JPO

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The fate of JPO

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Figured continuing discussion on JPO's latest cancellation should have its own thread in the relevant forum. Anyways, it's pretty sad to hear that it's not happening, though since I had a somewhat inside view at some points, not too surprising. Not because of the folks involved, or the engine (lower poly fences could be made, time permitting ;P), but because of the sheer scale and number of things needing to be accomplished with essentially no team. Its project plan is/was similar to the original JPDS 1-2-3 plan, which is just not feasible without a good team.
Sam, I know you've done a lot of work on this mod over the years. Like seriously a lot. I think I speak for most when I saw we'd love to see a released product, some final fruit of all that labor. I don't mean the first part of a level or something, but a compilation of all the work which *was* accomplished, with the necessary additional work needed to make it presentable (just physics and whatever). That VC is amazing (in its various incarnations) and I know you've made a number of other great buildings behind the scenes (buildings done without interiors can be released as un-enterable...). You have great terrain textures ready and implemented. You have vehicles.

I say, do a little scene based around the Visitors Center. A path leading up to it from a helicopter landing spot, a short distance, with explorers waiting in the front (don't worry about dirtying the textures). Palms and such all around, which I know you already set up. The JP gate not far off, with just a few small paddocks. That thatched building you made. The Jungle River Cruise building, and the concept VC building (even if just a visual prop). The trailers, even, off to the side! I'm sure you can make a breathtaking level just with all that. :)
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Re: The fate of JPO

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Oh you'll be seeing something, trust me ;)
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