Trespasser Reloaded - Recoded

Discussion of the new engine in development in C++ for Trespasser: Reloaded

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Re: Trespasser Reloaded - Recoded

Post by vogelpommes »

Like the idea, though dont think it gonna get far.

Anyhow, heres my wish-list:

1. Better graphics, better AI
2. More threatning situations with more dangerous dinosaurs, dinosaurs indoor, more helplessness
3. LESS weapons
4. More realism, REALISTIC interaction and design, this was one unique feature of the game till today
5. NO CUT-SCENES, its about immersion and atmosphere, cut-scenes break the immersion wich takes me to:
6. NO other humans, cause theres no need for a better story, never was! Trespasser is about immersion, situations, the feel of being lost in an dangerous environment. Experiencing an adventure like in the movie and in a way it would happen if it was real

Dont expand it and make it bigger and more, no need of cut off limbs and more action and gore or a deathmatch multiplayer mode, just improve the strenghts of the original game and take it to today technical standarts!
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Re: Trespasser Reloaded - Recoded

Post by dyrvere »

Some suggestions from a long time fan, I guess Trespasser was among the few games I didnt return to the store while having a buggy computer that was configured wrong for the AMD k6-2 = crashed alot :)

0. Better graphics, like tesselation, reflect and refract, Subsurface scattering, HDR just go crazy there!

1. Flesh and bone being torn of the playerbody dripping with blood and guts while a dinosaur eats your carcass.

2. Ability for T-rex to actually hurt you even when you prone, kinda cheap as it was. :p
The bigger carnivores should be able to walk into hangars and smash around some crates hehe.

3. Free-Aim much like the one seen in the mod Infiltration or the way it currently works in trespasser while you hold down left mousebutton and move the mouse around. Perhaps without the need to hold it down? I quite like that way. that is: you move the mouse, it changes the center pivot of the gun until it reaches a certain region that makes the whole viewpoint move.

4. She should hold on to items and weapons better in the new engine but still drop it if you run into something with force and smack the gun into something or if you fall from a great enough height to get hurt but not die. Also the suggestion about two slots for guns and a third for keycards. Sometimes I want to carry two guns and still have the arm free. She could carry shotgun on her back and a pistol at her waist.


6. Wii-remote support, this type of game begs for this!

And final most important request: Linux Support, please! :) be it native or Winelibs as long as it runs OpenGL and not just Direct 3D. ;P
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