JR Beta - New Folige Stuff (From Tresgame)

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JR Beta - New Folige Stuff (From Tresgame)

Post by tatu »

tatu wrote:I found some new folige stuff in the basement. It's used ingame too, but not in retail. In the retail Trespasser it's used as different objects.


If you select one of these folige:

A stone and some folige in one object.

As you can see the devs used some folige in the same object before they in the retail made them different objects. If you know what I mean.
Anna wrote:I guess that was a faster was of putting foliage in the game. Afterall, they had to put pretty much foliage into an entire island :D.

But it's always good with new stuff!
DracoAlphaX wrote:Lol yeah. Though I think it's not just faster (remember they had an app to automatically place foliage) - I think it might have been intended to put less pressure on the engine, by having fewer total objects and the same "detail". It's a method that's been talked about in modern mods for Tres.. though at a bit different level. For example, making a solid canopy object for many trees, and then a bunch of trunks copied around..
Anna wrote:Ahhh, yes.. That could have been a very good reason, especially back when making the game.
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