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Tres: Reloaded - WB

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This thread is for discussion and progress reports on West Basin, part of the expanded level set.
In Jungle Road Reloaded, the hidden valley will be opened up and you'll be able to walk across it and rejoin the main path of the monorails - Alternatively, there will be a path over the mountain ridge to the left which you can follow. You'll quickly find yourself in the West Basin, a hillside beach landscape on the lower west coast of Sorna. The design theory behind this level should be defined primarily by whomever becomes the project leader of its development, but in theory it will be characterized by a steep mountainside of lush vegetation leading into the mouth of a river from further inland, with a fair amount of oceanside terrain. I can imagine some great herbivore settings and scenic landscapes here. The level will take place at night. Other than that, West Basin is pretty open and has many possibilities..
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