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Subplot Thread

Post by hppav »

This will be a thread where I post ideas for subplots. This first set is US Government involvement on Isla Nublar after the InGen Incident.

The InGen Incident and the events immediately thereafter August 23, 1992-October 12, 1992
The InGen Incident occured in August 1992, roughly 10 months before the scheduled opening of the park. Immediately following the incident, InGen amassed a large force to retake the island. Code named "Project Vulcan," it was disguised as a large scale study of the volcanic conditions on the island. The official position by InGen was that the island was a resort that was destroyed in a tropical storm and they were updating their assessment of the island's geology to assess whether it would be financially wise to set up again. Unfortunately the members of "Project Vulcan" were forced to retreat after large casualties were incurred. InGen would continue operations at Isla Sorna until June 11, 1993, when the island was evacuated prior to the June 15 landfall of Hurricane Clarissa. The island remained abandoned and unknown the the US Government until 1997 during the Incident in San Diego.

The EPA, who was about to shelve its investigation of InGen's possible illegal activities on the island, pressured President Bill Clinton to intervene. Clinton started a top secret investigation into InGen and gained full access to all documents pertaining to InGen and it's activities on Isla Nublar. Upon doing so he found a report from Henry Wu about DX which becomes the "smoking gun" needed for a complete takeover of Isla Nublar. Clinton, in cooperation with Costa Rica, put Isla Nublar under quarantine via the Public Health Service Act Chapter 6A Subchapter II, Part G (42 USC 97) The US Coast Guard sets up a perimeter around the island.

US Investigation on Isla Nublar October 12, 1992-February 9, 1995
The EPA began it's investigation of Isla Nublar soon after the perimeter went up. They took up shop inside the Visitor Center and began studying the equipment, research documents, computer data, and other important forms of information. The Coast Guard constructed an operations facility on the island in the beginning of 1993, transforming the island into a Coast Guard facility. Scientists studied the animals and armed guards protected the facility along a electrified perimeter fence. This continued for years.

The island became quite well known among conspiracy circles. Along with Ian Malcolm's story of a theme part with genetically recreated dinosaurs, they collected numerous UFO and USO reports and pointed to them as proof that the government was either reverse engineering alien technology on the island or they were working directly with aliens, much along the lines of Groom Lake and AUTEC. There were also rumors that the Coast Guard was attempting to train dinosaurs to use guns or perform search and rescue. These conspiracy theories resulted in many sneaking onto the shore stealing various Restricted Area signs as souvenirs. In a response, the government welded signs to the poles and set them in concrete bases to prevent theft.

The abandonment of Isla Nublar February 10, 1995
After years of study and investigation, the EPA and Coast Guard left Isla Nublar. They had determined that the animals were genetically modified to the point that their behavior could not be used scientifically. However they did note that the genetic cloning procedures could be useful but required further study on the mainland. Funding had dried up and top government officials felt that it was a waste of time and money and that if anyone tried to get on the island, they'd be eaten anyway and thus everything would remain secret.
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Re: Subplot Thread

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WOW :o You did your homework on this story very well thought out. I find it very interesting.
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