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Trescom Ops resources

Post by RexHunter99 »

Hi Ops, I know I've not been the most helpful user around >_> but I'd like a little help here. I have a production piece coming up for my Media Studies class, and I decided I'd do some CGI... I was hoping I could use the models and textures from TC~Isle and the other TC levels if that's all right by you all. I am giving credit in the credits to the Ops and any individuals you request so rest assured you will be credited for your work.

It'd be greatly appreciated and you'd be giving me a greater chance at passing this unit of school. Please e-mail me your decision and any other information regarding this to my e-mail address:

I eagerly await your response as it will be the Go ahead signal for my production. I will also upload a copy of the production for you and all others to view at their leisure.

Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this. :)
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Re: Trescom Ops resources

Post by hppav »

While most of the Ops who were around during the times of TC-Isle are no longer active members, it was my impression that all assets released by the Ops to the general members were released under a "Do what you want with it, just give us credit" state. I believe Rebel, Slugger, and/or machf can confirm this.
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