What I don't get...

Discuss and analyze Bill Brown’s score for Trespasser.

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Re: What I don't get...

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JPFan95 wrote:Since I consider Trespasser as being the greatest licensed game ever made, I am puzzled by a few things.

1: Since Trespasser ties in with TLW, why was none of TLW's soundtrack used?

2: What instrument/s did Bill Brown use?
1: They didn't use the soundtrack because they only had so much money on there game budget, so they only licensed the rights for the name and decided to go for something more original.
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Re: What I don't get...

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eventhoughthistopicisold..... With the soundtrack I have been temted to import some of the music into my levs :wink: And with the fanfics.... I rarely ever get on Trescom that much... what with college and such, so I havent even read Sk8ter's fanfics lol...
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