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Alright well, time for a new plot post. :D Mike has already read this.. It's the storyline for the Rogue Faction, from their creation to their ultimate destruction. I wrote it over my vacation in Orlando with pencil and paper. It was pretty fun. It's rather long, so get comfy, with a snack or somethin.. enjoy!

Outline of Rogue Faction events
  • Andre Halvorson, Head of the Hatchery Department, comes to disapprove of Hammond's restrictions on the activities of his department early on. Voicing his opinions on this matter discreetly, he learns who at the Embryonics Administration he can and cannot trust. Dr. Sandra Waring he learns, head scientist at the EA, cannot be trusted to know of his intensions to violate Hammond's direcitons, making his job of concealment harder. He reasons her respect for Hammond comes from her long-term experience in working for him at InGen. Greg Hoffman, a programmer working in the Genetics Dpt. and Hatchery Dpt., also holds a certain amount of disdain for the regulations of their CEO and becomes a co-conspirator of Andre's.
  • Slowly but surely, Andre gathers more and more followers to his cause, making it easier to hide their activities. The small group, consisting of researchers to programmers to JPAC officers, generally holds that Hammond is not ambitious enough to realize the full potential of their field of work, and what they do is for the good of InGen. They come to call themselves the "Rogue Faction".
  • Andre decides that the first specimene to be cloned will be Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Regular cloning procedure is carried out, except that all data pertaining to the spino's genetic reconstruction is hidden in a secret password-protected folder, which only trusted RF members can get into. After version 1 of the spino is complete, cloning of the embryo is done in the auxiliary lab room so as to not draw attention. As manipulation of the code proceeds through subequent failed versions of the embryo, Andre decides he will implement various other genetic tests he had been wanting to try, once the embryo has become more stable. To start, he intensifies the expression of the gene he believes is responsible for aggression in most dinosaurs. Around version 2.7, the specimenes are able to survive into the first week or two after hatching before death. The hatchlings have to be kept and fed in locked rooms to avoid notice. It is difficult, but it works. Confident that the next version will be fully successful, Andre has another test in mind. He takes the necessary steps to clone half of the batch as female and the other half as male, rather than all females as Hammond insists that bred dionsaurs should be. Besides conducting a useful test that would never be allowed if Hammond knew, Andre feels this might further enhance the aggression; he is tired of the boring Disneland-version of dinosaurs they were instructed to make, so that tourists can enjoy seeing exactly the sort of dinosaurs they already have running around in their imaginations. He wants to produce born killing-machines, as he supposed dinos must have been in their own time. In the end, two specimenes survive passed 4 weeks, one male and one female. These two are caefully safeguarded and studied over time. Kept in the same room, but never in contact, it is noticed that the two animals seem to form some kind of social bond, dispite the enhanced aggression. This strikes them all as unusual, since previous batches of spinos had all demonstrated fierce territorial aggravation amongst themselves.
  • News of the Incident at Isla Nublar reaches Site B soon after its occurance. Hammond arrives on Site B to discuss the shape of things to come in an emergency meeting. Many possibilities are suggested; Hammond is of the mind that Isla Sorna could be the site of a much-improved attraction, leaving behind the mistakes of Nublar. This would require revealing the existance of a second island to investors and others, however, which many present at the meeting are opposed to, considering the fire they are already under. Andre sees his opportunity and suggests that they use Site B as a facility for advanced paleo-genetic research, attracting scientists and paleontologists from around the world, rather than kids and tourists. While a number of people present at the meeting agree that this idea is worth-while, Hammond and Sandra are fervently against it, arguing that the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are living creatures from the past, not to be used as test subjects for crazy experiments. When Andre points out that the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park are all dead and rotting, Hammond angrily adjourns the meeting without having reached a decision.
  • Within two weeks of the Accident, another tropical storm is developing into Hurricane Clarissa. Hammond is forced to order the evacuation of all Site B facilities ahead of the storm. Andre spreads the word to all Roge Faction members that they are to remain behind in the basement floor of the EA. While some leave, anyway, fearing the result of the storm, most remain loyal and wait out Hurrican Clarissa as it ravages the island.
  • After the storm passes, they emerge to find much damage has been done to the facilities; enough that InGen will most likely abandon the island. Anticipating that InGen will return to strip the facilities of the most valuable materials, Andre orders everyone to grab necessary equipment to continue operations and move it into the basement until InGen comes and leaves.
  • As InGen's last teams leave the island, Andre sends a trusted member named Kurt, from security, to hitch a ride back to the mainland and attempt to make contact with Dennis Nedry's secret employer. Andre hopes to arrange a deal with them, so that they can be supplied with food and additional materials needed to continue their work.
  • Finally, after 42 hours, they hear from Kurt. He has successfully contacted BioSyn Corp. and arranged a radio conference between Andre and BioSyn's CEO, Jeff Rossiter, to discuss a business plan and terms of agreement.
    *During the radio conference, BioSyn agrees to fully supply the RF with food and materials to continue operations on Isla Sorna. As part of the arrangement, a handful of BioSyn personnel will be present in the facilities at all times, and BioSyn will dictate half of the experiments to be conducted, while Andre dictates the other half. The RF will also be supplied with new BioSyn field vehicles to handle animal containment.
  • Secretly, BioSyn hopes one day to completely take over the operations on Site B. Jeff intends to wait for the right opportunity, when Andre makes the inevitable fatal mistake. At the same time, Andre hopes to one day cast out the BioSyn assistance and support the RF's operations with their own revenue, once they can begin to sell their accomplishments and make themselves known to the scientific world.
  • Meanwhile, as the two surviving spinos mature, various other experiments are put into action. Now that the need for concealment is gone, the spinos are kept in the young dino paddocks, except when needed for experiments, when they are brought into the autopsy rooms. One time, when attempting to bring the male spino inside, the female spino breaks free and charges one of the handlers ringing in the male. This causes him to lose control of the dino prod and swing it passed the male's face, putting a deep gash over its left eye. The male spino has a scar over its left eye for the remainder of its life.
  • One of the RF's first new experiments is to clone an 'improved' species of pteranodon. Unlike Hammond's fish-eating friends with only beaks for mouths and territorial aggrivation at best, these creatures would be of the giant variety and have toothed beaks, not to mention the same added aggression as the spinos. specimens surviving passed 3 weeks were brought to the abandoned Site B Aviary down south via the river. After the first bred pteranodons reached half of their full-grown size, it became evident that much procaution should be taken inside the Aviary when one of the workmen bringing in fresh specimens was carried off and never seen again.
  • As time passes, more and more experiments on dinosaur species are done. As successful specimens grow out of the young dino paddocks, the RF realizes they must establish a permenant holding place for their creations. When InGen abandoned Site B, they shut off power to the Sorna Fence Complex and let all the animals loose on the island to mature on their own. Before this, much of the interior of the fence system had already been dismantled for parts during construction of Jurassic Park, but the complete perimeter fence remained. After reactivating the fence and securing the operational gates, the RF began moving all cloned animals above a certain age or size into the fence system, which they lovingly renamed to "Hazardous Species Paddock", due to the dangerous nature their animals tended to have, contrasting with most of Hammond's original dinosaurs.
  • The two spinosaurs were the first to be introduced to the HSP. They shared the single zone within the paddock with a certain population of herbivores and carnivores already found around the island. Eventually, as more experimental dinosaurs were introduced, a barely stable miniature ecosystem developed within the confines of the HSP, dominated by the fierce creations of the RF which could whipe out the entire rest of the island if allowed to spread. Occasionally, the RF would even introduce captured herbivores from outside the paddock to keep the carnivores from all killing one another (almost none of the original carnivores survived within the HSP).
  • The RF maintains a network of cameras and motion sensor tracking systems within the paddock to monitor their animals. They notice that the two spinosaurs still never venture far from each other, often hunting together. It is still not clear to the scientists if the two animals think of one another as siblings or as potential mates, or even if they have a concept of the difference. One day, they decide that the two spinos should be seperated, in case they decide to mate - having two spinos in the HSP was the most, they figured, that the ecosystem could handle without completely collapsing. Having three or more would certainly prove uncontrollable. So, a team of ex-JPAC is sent out in BioSyn vehicles to stun the two animals and capture the female. With some amount of trouble from the male, this is managed, and the female is brought back to the EA compound. Without any place to keep it, the female spino was euthenised and then sent to the EA autopsy room for preservation and study.
  • In 1997, a vote by the InGen Board of Directors removes Hammond from the position of CEO, being replaced by his nephew Peter Ludlow. In an attempt to recover their financial state, Ludlow hatches a plan to capture some of the animals on Isla Sorna and bring them to the abandoned San Diego exhibit. When the helicopters and capture vehicles arrive, the Rogue Faction is stunned at InGen's return, for which they had close to no warning. They quickly move everyone underground and attempt to conceal obvious signs of their presense. As it turns out, while the hunters do come close to the EA, their camping trip turns into a nightmare long before they find evidense of the RF's presense.
  • In late 1997, BioSyn delivers a new amber sample to the RF of unknown origin. A successful DNA sequence is extracted, but the genome classification is inconclusive. Andre decides that it might as well be patched up and cloned to be identified, and so after a few months, a successful embryo finall hatches. What comes out of the egg is, as far as they can tell, a species of velociraptor. While somewhat disappointed, they appreciate the fresh skin pattern it has. Andre gives the go-ahead for several more to be cloned, all with the enhanced growth-rate gene (including the original). As time passes, they are pleasantly surprised with how fast the specimens are growing, but then they notice that the first of them is continuing to grow beyond the full size of a typical velociraptor. At first they are merely cautious about this, supposing it could be a minor genetic anomoly, but within a few weeks, it reaches a length of nearly 30 feet. Andre sees the nature of his mistake: under Hammond's rules, additional specimens of newly cloned animals were held off until the first animal successfully reached full size. Now, the young dino paddocks of the EA are filled with specimens of an unkown, seemingly giant dromaeosaur species.
  • In a RF meeting to decide what to do about the giant raptors, Daniel Carter, from the research division, announces that he's just come across an article about the discovery of a new species of raptor, from South America, which may have grown up to 40 feet long. It was called Megaraptor namunhuaiquii. Without any argument from the others, Andre orders that they all be moved into the HSP immediately, before they can get any larger. When the meeting adjourns, ex-JPAC personnel immediately prepare transport vehicles for the megaraptors. The original specimen, now 32 feet long, is the first they plan to move. After tranquilizing, the megaraptor appears to be out cold, and they proceed to move it out of its large holding pen and into their largest transport truck. However, the massive dinosaur is only playing along, not having been hit with enough tranquilizer, and at the right moment, he breaks easily free of the transport harness and kills all the men involved in moving him. He quickly locates his fellow megaraptors and breaks their cages open with his massive foot claws, releasing them into the compound.
  • The young megaraptors, averaging from 6 to 10 feet in length, begin storming through the Embryonics Administration. Caught completely by surprise, many RF members die within minutes. Before toolong, though, the complex-wide alarm is activated. For many, it is already too late, as the 1st and 2nd floor of the JPAC and Research Building and the surrounding courtyard are already infested with the young killing machines. Not long after, scientists fleeing from the Hatchery and Admin Building are caught by the megaraptors, anyway. Those still trapped in the buildings attempt to find arms and defend themselves, some succeeding for a little while. Andre himself had been in his office when the alarm went off - he instantly dreaded the reason for it and had pulled out the Glock 24 he kept in his desk drawer - small, but with enough punch to blow the head off any saurichian bastard that might come along one day (or a treasonous BioSyn agent, if it ever came to that), at least he liked to think so. Now moving cautiously through the hall, he makes his way to the main control room, where he plans to lock himself in (regardless of who else is still alive) and contact BioSyn via the radio. He runs into a raptor along the way and relieves it of its head before it knows what's coming. When he reaches the control room and locks the door, he finds to his dismey that the EA radio tower has been damaged by marauding megaraptors. Panicing, he reasons that his only remaining option is to make a run for it in one of the BioSyn jeeps. Quickly unlocking the door, he runs out into the hall, only to find himself face-to-face with a megaraptor of his own height. He lifts up the gun as he backs into the control room, but it's too late. The raptor pounces on him; Andre fires up his pistol, but misses. In one swift movement, the raptor knocks the gun out of his hand and bites down on his entire arm, causing him to yell out in pain.
  • Daniel Carter was also in the Admin Building when the alarm went off, having been on his way to the Hatchery to run some additional tests on the Megaraptor namunhuaiquii genome. Hearing the dreadful sound and only too aware of what it must mean, he ran for the Admin Building's Armory room, where he picked up a spas shotgun and several clips of ammo. Just as he leaves the room, he hears Andre's terrible scream of pain. Readying his gun, he makes his way towards the origin of the sound, which seemed to be near the control room. He comes in view of the room and sees that the door is open, a clear sign that someone has just been through it. He also notices a dead megaraptor down the hall, which he thinks might be related. Coming to the entrance of the room, he sees Andre's mutilated body lying before him. Horrified, he suddenly hears the growling of a raptor around the corner of a hallway. He steps quickly into the room and bolts the door behind him. Walking over to the monitor Andre was using, he sees that communications are down. As he sighs heavily in defeat, he hears a soft noise to his left. Frozen for a moment, he considers his next move. Then he swings his head and his gun to the left and prepares to fire. The raptor jumps up from behind a desk of computers and comes down hard on him. It then clamps its jaws onto his left shoulder and bites down, creating a deep wound. Blood gushes out and Daniel yells from the searing pain. In a moment, Daniel gets control of himself again, fueled by the will to beat the odds, and finds he has a clear shot in this position to the raptor's lower body. With a slight movement, he poitns the spas and fires, killing the raptor instantly.
  • Daniels clothes are now drenched in blood; how much of it was the raptor's and how much of it is his own, he does not know. Lying to his left, limp on the floor, is the huge, dead body of the megaraptor, or at least half of it. The EA triple klaxon continues to blare but now it seems very faint and bearly audible in Daniel's ears. He occasionally hears more gunfire and screams, both human and dinosaur, coming from distant corners of the EA, but eventually these die down as well. He knows full well that even if all the megaraptors have left the area, he cannot make it far enough to call for help, much less receive it in time. And so he realizes, the only thing left that he can do is to leave a final record of what it was that brought down the Rogue Faction on that fateful day, should anyone ever come here to find this place (as foolish as that would be) and wonder. He gathers his remaining strength to lift himself out of the pool of blood gathering on the floor over to a chair and desk with pen and paper. As he writes these last words, his mind begins to wander to the life he had left behind in the US, years ago. Though girlfriends had come and went, he'd never married. His mom and dad were in their thirties when they raised him and his sister Tasha, and were gone for some years now, leaving only the two of them behind; neither Daniel nor Tasha had any other real family left alive. Now he wondered, as he had a few times before, what Tasha had done about his disappearance. She was roughly 2 years younger than him, but that never kept her down. She was headstrong and always getting into trouble. Since their parents were gone, he found it hard to keep up with her, but they always did catch up occasionally. Until, of course, the RF had decided to stay behind in secret. He knew it would mean severing personal contact with the outside world, but his sister was the only one who really knew he existed, and it had been years since he felt it his responsibility to take care of her. Finally, he gets to the end of his written account. Completely out of strength now, he tumbles out of the chair and sits on the floor, leaning back on the desk. As he holds on to the note pages in his hand, he thinks again of who might come to read it. They had all heard from BioSyn what had happened with the tyrannosaur in San Diego. Doubtless Tasha had seen the news story, along with the rest of the world. It meant that InGen's involvement with dinosaurs was known, and he supposed Tasha might have figured out that was the nature of her brother's secret job in Costa Rica. Now he began to wonder, how crazy she really was? Would knowing what he did here be enough to start her on another one of her wild quests for the truth? As Daniel's last breaths slipped away, he thought that maybe, just maybe, Tasha would even be the one to come to Isla Sorna and find his note.

    God help her.
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