Introduction to Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets (JPDS101)

Released! - Discuss progress and updates on the biggest Trespasser level endeavor ever, JPDS - a dark Tres mod by Draco and co.

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Introduction to Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets (JPDS101)

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Intro to JPDS

Story (excerpt from JPDS website)

Your name is Tasha and the year is 1998. Your brother Daniel, an ex-InGen employee, has been missing for some time and your search for him has lead you to the Island of Isla Sorna off the western coast of Costa Rica. With a bit of persistence and a lot of luck, you have succeeded in procuring transportation to the notorious island. But as the foggy land mass grows larger on the horizon, you begin to wonder if you've gone in over your head...

What secrets does the thick impenetrable fog hide?

Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets is to be the first traditional Trespasser MOD. In development officially since December 2004, JPDS will feature:
- A deep, enticing storyline
- Interesting characters, New and Old
- A multitude of engaging rendered cutscenes
- An array of new dinosaurs, models, and textures
- A massive non-linear area - there's no one way to play
- Three intricately designed levels to explore

Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets is being developed by an all-star team including:
- Future Graphic Design major, with 5 years of experience in Computer Graphics, and creator of the critically acclaimed "North Pole Chaos" and "Lost Jungle" levels, Project Lead Draconisaurus.
- TresCom Ops and Senior Forum Member and Administrator, MikeTheRaptor.
- Creator of the Award Winning "The Hunt" Trespasser level, Crysis MOD "Trespassing" Project Lead, and Senior Forum Member, Mickey.
- A museum employee with noteworthy archaeological experience, DemonCarnotaur.
- Superbly Talented 2D Graphics Artists, TrikeUatra & Second Illiteration - also a proven composer of music.

The JPDS Team was also fortunate enough to work closely with the undeniably talented Big Red, making recommendations for new ATX features that are to be implemented in the MOD. The Team would like to thank Big Red personally for his attention and assistance :D

Ultimately, JPDS promises to be quite an experience. We're all quite intent on providing the Trespasser Community with quality content because, well, we enjoy it ;) So do keep an eye on us, and don't lose faith. You'll be exploring Isla Sorna in a whole new way soon enough!

JPDS Public Discussion

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Re: JPDS Public Discussion

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