Can I Download Trespasser?

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Can I Download Trespasser?

Post by MikeTheRaptor »

This question has been raised quite often, especially now in the face of a surge of new members.

"Can I Download Trespasser?"

The answer here at TresCom is a solid no.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Trespasser is not "abandonware" and we here at TresCom respect this company's right not to have their property freely distributed over the internet, regardless of its age or availability.
GameSpot wrote: ... p2_02.html

For the record, Brown confirmed that there are no Electronic Arts games that the company considers to be abandonware. "We pride ourselves in aggressively protecting our intellectual property rights, and we frequently pursue those who try to distribute our games without permission."
We also have a very strict policy here against all shareware, warez, and cracks of any kind. Material created by the TresCom Ops is password protected, and failure to respect TresCom policies will result in administrative action.

We ask you to please respect the men and women who poured their hearts into this game and to at least have the decency to find a legal copy. TresCom Adminstrators and Members will be more than happy to assist you in locating a legal copy somewhere on the internet, as there is always one available.

For now, try these links:

Trespasser 1

Trespasser 2

Trespasser 3

Trespasser 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Trespasser 9 (Bidding has ended, sold for $0.99US)

Trespasser 10, 11, 12

(Thanks to Dapper Dan for finding these ;) )