Installing Big Red's ATX Patch & Improving Graphics

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Installing Big Red's ATX Patch & Improving Graphics

Post by MikeTheRaptor »

The Question of the Day is... well actually the question since Trespasser was released in 1998 - how do I improve the graphics!

The elusive Draw Distance Variable has, well... eluded us - and for quite some time. But then a single ray of light called "Big Red" shone through the clouds.


How do I improve the Graphics in Trespasser?

It's quite simple actually. Trespasser's correctable graphics problems lie in the "Draw Distance Variable." This numerical value tells Trespasser how far away an object must be before it is rendered in full detail. Thanks to forum member "Big Red," we now have the power to change the Draw Distance Variable, and thus improve graphics - but not without a little bit of work on your end.



1. Make sure you have a legal copy of Trespasser installed. ATX requires the retail to be installed in order to function.

1. Head on over to
2. Find the Current version of ATX Trespasser by clicking on the "Downloads" link at the top.
3. You will need to download 2 files:
3a. The latest one from the "Main Package" column, usually
highlighted in red. ex: ""
3b. The latest one from the "Executables Package" column,
usually highlighted in red. ex: ""
4. Extract ALL OF the contents of the "" file into your Program Files > DreamWorks Interactive > Trespasser folder. Make sure all the directories it creates in your folder are preserved.
4a. The "Executables Package" contains pre-patched EXE files to
run ATX with. Simply select one and place that in the
Trespasser directory.
5. Now you've got a patched exe! Note: that this works generally the same way for the demo.

Won't be long now...

Fire up your newly generated trespass_ATX exe.

1. Got to Options > Video and you'll see a slider for the Draw Distance that wasn't there before. Slide it to increase or decrease the Draw Distance Variable.

2. Go play the game (using the trespasser_ATX version) and see Trespasser in all its glory!!

For more tips and tricks on improving game play graphics, check out TresCom's Tips and Tricks page.