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Re: Download: Early Trespasser Builds

Post by tatu »

masterchiefoo7 wrote: Thu Jun 06, 2024 9:02 pm
tatu wrote: Sun Apr 21, 2024 10:07 am
ThatZenoGuy wrote: Sun Apr 21, 2024 8:31 am Is there any information on Build 103? Its pretty close to release, so are there any weird alterations? Is it the weird review-copy build that the strategy guide was built from?
The only difference level wise is that BE has different tutorial locations, as seen in some pre-release images. We do not have the build that the strategy guide was made from.
I personally don't believe the strategy guide was made from a specific build as it uses images from what appears to be builds we have and not. AS for example in the strategy guide mention a voiceover that is not present in build 96 and in build 116, it is underground, and only plays when picking up one of two benellis which are not present in any of our builds. My personal speculation is that the devs supplied the information and screenshots (we already know a dev did the images for the animals/guns).
What do you think the logistics might have been to do the game over multiple builds? And do you mean that the devs themselves wrote the guide? I assumed a build was handed off to the strategy guide company.

I assumed they give bradygames a copy of 103 and halfway through making it, someone said, "wait, here's 116" and they continued. (I doubt it was those two builds, just an example!)
I know that a dev (Tony Rowe) did the images for the dinosaur pages in the guide, which also makes me believe that a lot of it was the devs who took part doing most of the work. I don't know how making a guide works, but lots of game guides back then had all these 100% info, which I doubt happened only by the writing playing the game, as it contained information that probably would've taken most players ages to discover themselves. If I remember, I'll write to Tony and ask if he has any memory of it :)
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Re: Download: Early Trespasser Builds

Post by machf »

Why this sudden talk about Build 103? Has any other build surfaced lately?
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Re: Download: Early Trespasser Builds

Post by masterchiefoo7 »

machf wrote: Sun Jun 09, 2024 4:32 pm Why this sudden talk about Build 103? Has any other build surfaced lately?
I only mentioned 103 as an example as I couldn't think of any build numbers at that moment.
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