Blender 4.0 TPM Addon

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Re: Blender 3.0 TPM Addon

Post by tatu »

Neat. Hopefully this might help people find it as well once it starts appearing on search result :)
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Re: Blender 3.0 TPM Addon

Post by Bryankd2015 »

try the new fork of blender it takes the same scripts etc written for blender but is a bit easier to understand.. bforartists I am giving it a try now.

I do not understand how to install the tres scripts but the overall program is fairly easy to understand. Is very similar to max.
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Re: Blender 3.0 TPM Addon

Post by LtSten »

I've released 0.5.0 - this is mostly the same as 0.5.0-rc2, but with a fix for supporting unbound vertices (typically bone indices of -1).
Links, downloads, and the user guide have been updated accordingly.
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Blender 3.0 TPM Plugin [Project GitHub]
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