In town and plains coming soon

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Re: In town and plains coming soon

Post by tatu »

For the plane: Make sure you import the F physics, as well as the $ physics (for the propellers). An import rule is to never move $ physics on their own, just move their base models and they will move with it, otherwise they will move out-of-place. F physics requires manual moving. Make sure you use the TPM format for everything you export. How is the physics screwed up after import?
While we have the blockhouse model, no one has really applied textures for the missing parts, made physics and added it to a level.
Music and voiceover triggers are quite easy. Just open something like IJ and enable triggers, and you can always just use one of those and export and just save somewhere, and rename the model (in the TPM and VALUES file) for your likings. Voiceover triggers in the retail levels are often textures in the orange-ish "TEMP" texture, so they are easy to find. :)
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Re: In town and plains coming soon

Post by Bryankd2015 »

Knowing the blockhouse might be a little more difficult than I can deal with right now I will just use the building by the dam from retail that should not be a problem. By the physics problems I had graphics issues and was nothing making it solid like a ghost.
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