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Trespasser Tutorials

Post by Draconisaurus »

Alright everyone, recent events have inspired me to a new project. I have come to see the importance of organized tutorials and descriptions of how to mod Trespasser. I'm glad my unfinished video tutorial is online, but there is so much it doesn't describe. Tres modding is full of details, some of them technical and hazardous, some of them simple but helpful, and some of them just a part of the modding process which it can be helpful to lend a light to for others, so they might not feel so in the dark while trying to bring their mod vision to fruition.

So! I'm going to be doing a lot of writing. I'd like to eventually do video tutorials too. At the least I can encorporate screenshots. In this thread I'd like to hear feedback, suggestions, critique on tutorials. It's an important aspect of TresCom to straighten out.
My first example is from a group I envision as called "Modding Tips", where general advise and how-to is described for people who have already learned how to use TresEd (on their own or with tutorials I haven't written yet) but are likely still new to modding. This one is called "Ambient Sound".

With a bit of time we can get a lot of this ready for people, so it's not so easy to get lost!
->Tres2020 Starter Kit

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Re: Trespasser Tutorials

Post by spinaxoraptor »

Thank you for that tutorial :)
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