20th Anniv Puzzle/Design Discussion (SPOILERS)

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20th Anniv Puzzle/Design Discussion (SPOILERS)

Post by Draconisaurus »

Soooo. TresGuy and I are set to release this community level by the end of the year. What are the odds? Maybe 80/20. I do think it requires some tight attention to the details needed for completion.


I've decided to write up this thread for discussion of all those details I've been collecting. DON'T READ IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED WHILE PLAYING THE FINAL RELEASE!

First off, here are notes I took from early and mid development. NOTE: Not all these will be implemented.

*Suchian skull
*Narrow walkway, move past biting Kaiju
*Retrieve treasure puzzles
*Egg hunt puzzle theme
*Anim-entity, moves in a loop, catches you if you ____
*Boathook - "Those cocoanuts look tastey; I bet the animals eat them too."
*Vines/moss/leaves/debris in town (a la urban exploration sites)
*Dino on collapsing bridge (explode?)
*Welcome voice speaker about TresCom
*Fire resist item, gene therapy (for walking on lava)
*Climbable vines
*Swinging, grabbable vine (needs testing)
*Flapping bats/birds
*Art in Rebel's Manor
*Dino Poop, Malcolm VO, grab item
*Cake Slice Hunt (This has been a particular favorite, might replace the egg hunt idea.)
*CokeNMore - jam can into something (Slugger's suggestion)
*TI's moving cloud
*Conf Room - framed avatars (this idea could be easily placed elsewhere, with enough room to make it chalk full of people's images. Rebel's Manor?)
*Individual member bungalows
*hppav's Slusho machine (from his old JP Gate / Explorer mini level)

*TptDac building block building
*Raptor Nest
*TresCom history room/chamber
*J7's Sega in Rebel's Manor
*Kaiju skeleton bridge (over lava?)
*Giant egg in cave, Mayan vibe
*Giant terrain footprint
*Music cues
*Town has Dino/Kaiju that defends it
*TresCom Flag
*Kaiju in ice block (Do we want to put an area of snow high-up? Wouldn't take long.)
*Pine Shack in area beyond town (Deadeyeguy's personal retreat)
*Amber for stone face sockets, opens something
*Turn on TresCom logo computer for door/gate opening. 20th anniv screen, level map.
*Steamy hot spring by lava, swamp plank bridge platform puzzle (this one sort of got made; we could add steam for effect.)

*Security cameras in facilities, ASA camera button (puzzle hint?)
*Town is last area; put computer elsewhere
*Working machinery from Rebel's level(s), in honor of his job
*Occlusions for town
*TresComer signatures in textures (a la Tres dev in original)
*TresCom shipping container with supplies textures along insides, needs key from warehouse

*Gas grenade (probably not happening)
*Melee / nonlethals
*Shock stick w/battery
*Drink beer - invisible stumble-physics
*Guidance signs (a la TI's welcome pillar?)

*Push heavy obj into wall of secret space
*Sledge hammer the cave opening (MinePass's baby)

*TI's grabbed-by-ptero Aviary tour
*Vines on purple-keycard gate
*Hint System (I can do this; it sounds like it'd help a lot. Needs overlay-text introduction.)
*Fix crate weights to be stackable
*New sounds from JPDS / RTJP?
*Generator building inside town
*Bar in Rebel's Manor
*Specific selection of prehistoric foliage

(Puzzles Notes)
*Find the purple keycard to open the helipad gate.
*Through warehouse broken window, up pipe, across to other building and/or train area.
*East road bridge puzzles.
*The rail tunnel (?) is blocked, use cave to proceed.
*The monorail path is collapsed; enter underground bunker to proceed.
*Find fire resist item to (gene therapy more grounded?) to cross lava pool (to get what?)
*TresCom Town passcode.
*Activate TresCom 20th party in Admin conf room.
*Cake slice hunt.

(Hint Examples)
*So this is the TresCom place. I wonder what they brought with them? Or what was already here... Better look for the town.
*This gate needs a keycard. Maybe it's nearby.
*That pile of gravel is blocking the way. Need a way to get over it.


Okkkkkkay so, that's a ton of notes I found in various places. This is a drop of allll kinds of stuff, and should not be considered a goal list. Use these as spring boards for figuring out what we will put in the level by the end of the month. Some need more work than others; some seem particularly unimplemented but would be simple to introduce, and the quality of this mod is worth some of those things.

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Re: 20th Anniv Puzzle/Design Discussion (SPOILERS)

Post by gooplieslime »

I wonder how much of this stuff is implemented into the level?
Like objects,puzzles and scenery?
Profile done by Mortis.

Slime from another planet, reaching out to other communities and such. Obtaining new materials for his species.
Gathering new friends or allies.
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T-Rex Killer
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Re: 20th Anniv Puzzle/Design Discussion (SPOILERS)

Post by Draconisaurus »

Ah haven't looked at this in a while, it's compiled notes from TresCom20 member convos. Looking briefly, some of these were done and some not. Eventually the level built itself and filtered which things it liked. Fire resist item made it in. Moving past biting Kaiju was I guess too much work.. At this stage we are finishing up what is already present, as it seems.
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