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Re: IJ Swamp

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Draconisaurus wrote:So there are a number of concept art images for Tres that we only have as backgrounds from things with text ontop of them. I cleaned this one up a bit to help see what they looked like. Apparently this magazine page had a second image at the top; it appears to show the basic Hunter Jeep with the Alberto who took a bite out of it.
The jeep image is actually of a crashed hunter vehicle but with open doors and the hood as well and a velociraptor coming from the right. The jaw image is likely a separate one.
swamp3.png (1.39 MiB) Viewed 345 times
So with a snippet of the actual swamp path anyone have any ideas of how this bridge system would have ran? At the transition from swamp to lake there is a section of bridge, why I made that mark.
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