Trecriation Mythos

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Trecriation Mythos

Post by Draconisaurus »

In the beginning there was naught.
Vast emptiness was the desert of land,
dry were the crevises of stone. All were alone.

All 'twas fair but lonely.
The level sands stretched
far away. None yet knew
the foundations yet laid,
all was still and silent.

From above then arrived
Urapteri, down a collumn
of light, come seeking
golden shores.
From below rose Cibitztrac,
from beneath beds of stones
flowed water of splendrous
Thenafter entered Cautirex,
from without.

There gathered at the Origin,
they set forth to make plans,
made designs in the sands,
to establish their new empire

"There should be Trees," Cautirex spoke.
"Grass must it in be covered," said Urapteri.
"With water must all be surround," aimed Cibitzrac.
With this did the sands then
begin to swirl, stretch, and shape

Much time passed, over great
space were their works divided.
It was thenafter that the three
were not seen or heard again,
except perhaps by
each other.

Then came a day in a valley,
one amidst forests, ridges,
and ponds, where awoke
three creatures alone. Eeach
dinosaur, all velociraptor,
opened its eyes to behold
the jungle before them.

"What place is this?" spoke
Arapt, of orange striped skin.
"Where in am I?" asked Bitier,
of red and grey hue.
"Who are the three of us?"
asked Velic, of black and yellow

Each looked around to make
what they could of the valley.
Their thoughts strayed, their
hearts restless, their eyes
returned. All were anxious
to leave or stay.

"This jungle Arapt suits,"
spoke Bitier.
"The forest over yonder rise
is surely yours," said Velic
to Bitier.
"I quite dislike the mountain,"
replied Arapt.

Then did strife first strike in
the hearts of each velociraptor,
for their aims were in conflict.
Amid the argument did
Bitier then bite Arapt,
scolding his desire for
tropical comfort.
Velic then taunted
the oppressed, speaking
of foul trenches and sameness
in stink, which after Bitier laughed.
Then Arapt did smack the
laughing raptor with
its tail,
to which Velic also laughed.

In the commotion then
following, Arapt forsook
the place of origin and
fled into the West.

Bitier's jaw, firmly on Velic's
throat, made almost an end
to the black and yellow

Would may have done so
but for the roar of a distant
predator, causing Bitier
to flee North.

Spying cautiously about,
Velic made in his mind
disinterest in the valley,
forsook the place of origin
and left.

So went the parting of the tribes.

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Re: Trecriation Mythos

Post by TheIdiot »

That might be the most moving version of the story of the three Raptor Tribes I've ever heard. Reminds me of that story of creation you get from the moustached tree at the beginning of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, only Trespasser-ier.

But what about the good ol' Brown Raptor? I presume he was sent forever to the void...forgotten by time, forsaken by the Creators...whisked away to the Land of Stego...
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