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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:27 am 
T-Rex Killer
T-Rex Killer
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So over the years, the terrain files and general terraformic structures from the different levels of Trespasser have been used and reused in a fine tapestry of derivative modification and alternate expression. This happens to be one of my favorite aspects of modding Trespasser. As such, I've decided to organize a catalogue of these instances for reference and perhaps inspiration.

  • BE | "BE Reloaded", "Jurassic Shore"
  • JR | "JR+", "The Jungle", "JR Reloaded"
  • PH | "Fall Lodge"
  • IJ | "Site P", "Silver Shore"
  • IT | "Ruins", "Ruin Town"
  • PL |
  • PV | "demo", "TresCom", "Pine Forest", "Draconisaurus' Pine Valley 2 V.4", "Prime Chaos", "The Helipad"
  • LAB | "The Four Towers", "Pens"
  • AS | "AS+", "Temporal Trespass", "No Retreat"
  • AS2 | "Temporal Trespass", "Mountain Path"
  • SUM | "Test Scene Reloaded", "SU~test"
  • TestScene | "Asjad's Testlevel", "Coke'n'More", "Nedry Land"

As well of course, there are multiple versions of the various original levels, with varying degrees of sameness with their retail version.

As a note, the TC~river terrain has a multitude of permutations, but as it's not from original Tres nor based on an area of its terrain I won't be listing them.


As an aside, I just noticed "Pine Valley 256x512" in the DL section... I have no memory of this being released on the forum. It's QUITE interesting. Wish the start location coincided more with the terrain.

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