Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park Soundtrack

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Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park Soundtrack

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For all of you to enjoy, here is my release of the soundtrack to Chaos Island by the now-famous Michael Giacchino (Star Trek (2009), Super 8, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, LOST, Pixar's Up, to name just a few). This was one of his first scores, if not IS is first score, that was done at the same time as his fantastic and fun score for the Playstation The Lost World: Jurassic Park game. That score was lucky enough to get a CD release, and it's final track actually had hidden bonus music that featured Chaos Island. The first three tracks on this presentation are sourced from that CD, but the rest of it are extracted straight from the game files of Chaos Island, and unfortunately don't sound too great, and are even in mono. But that's the best we've got. There is more music he did that is featured in the game's "mission videos" and other cutscenes, but they are of course riddled with sound effects and dialogue heavily. If there is interest for this, I may upload it as well. Otherwise, enjoy this presentation! It is created in the lossless FLAC codec, but if you don't have any way to play it or convert it to another format, I can upload an MP3 version for you. :) Click on the image above to download. Enjoy!

1. Track 01 (4:09)
2. Track 02 (4:09)
3. Track 03 (4:10)
4. Track 04 (4:06)
5. Track 05 (4:01)
6. Track 06 (3:51)
7. Menu (0:29)
8. Death (0:08)
9. Win (0:13)

Total: 25:16
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Re: Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park Soundtrack

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Doqnloaded! :D
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Re: Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park Soundtrack

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Thanks Scall! ...FLAC is not working so hot for me... Any chance for mp3?
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